Le ministère des Comptes publics a ouvert un service en ligne pour déclarer les indemnités perçues en trop.

Will the French, who received double inflation, have to pay it back?

The method of paying the inflation allowance allowed some French to get it several times over. Percy claims to have foreseen the problem.

Theoretically, every French person earning less than 2,000 euros per month is entitled to a net inflation compensation of 100 euros. But for some, the help has become more generous because they have received it or are about to receive it twice, or even more. In question, the terms of this inflation bonus. For private sector employees, it is paid by the employer, for civil servants by the state, for students by CROUS, for retirees by pension funds and for the self-employed by URSSAF.

However, some French combine these different modes. Retirees, employees or students supplement their income by working in parallel under the case of micro-enterprise. “Overpaying aid mainly concerns small business owners but also people who combine several employers”notes advisor to the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dusupt who admits “There is no systematic referral of files between the various organizations that award inflation compensation.”

“Barely a few thousand people,” Percy promised

How many people in total are affected by this mistake made by the state in their favour? “That’s hardly a few thousand people.” Confirms the same adviser Olivier Dusuppet. However, Percy promises that he foresaw these excessive compensation. The Executive Decree for the Inflation Bonus issued in December stipulated that “Help unnecessarily received, particularly when the recipients have received several payments from various debtors, must be repaid by the recipients to the state.”

Another “guarantee” included in the decree, spontaneous entrepreneurs must demonstrate at least €100 in their monthly turnover to be eligible for this assistance and employees with a minimum twenty-hour contract. However, several thousand workers crept through the cracks.

The DGFiP (Directorate General of Public Finances) has already set up an online service where the French can declare overpayment of compensation. Thus it depends on the sincerity of the beneficiaries. “Except if we detect widespread fraud, making checks is not a priority for us. The priority is to make sure that those who are entitled to the reward get it,” Shall we confess to Percy while we promise “The overpayment relates to a very small percentage of the 20 million French who have already received 100 euros in inflation premium and will not have a significant impact on public finances.”


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