Attractive increase for whom?

Attractive increase for whom?

Mileage scale 2022: an attractive increase, for whom?

The mileage allowance 2022. On the table for several weeks, a reassessment of the mileage allowance schedule has been confirmed by the Executive. Eligibility, process, account… we tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 3 février 2022 à 07h25] Large rollers should be pleased, on the contrary, many motorists will not welcome this new measure with great sympathy. The government decided that it is working to provide new aid to counter the rise in fuel prices. The mileage allowance scale will be adjusted. In fact, the latter will be re-evaluated by 10% As explained by Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire of the Group of Europe 1, Tuesday 1 February.

to claim this Increase in the mileage allowance scale, it is necessary to make many trips in the framework of her employment. Inevitably, this measure will not be for everyone and risks alienating a group of workers who commute with their motorized car on a daily basis. You will be interested, in particular, with professions such as liberal nurses and home assistants. The distribution of the inflation premium to 38 million Frenchmen did not dampen the enthusiasm of the regulars on the road, for some injured in the face of rising fuel prices. This “alternative” to the tax credit is no less than 2.5 million People in France for average profit 150 EUR Each motorist on each of his tax returns.

Are you affected by the increase in the mileage allowance ladder? How does the scale work? Find out all about it in our dedicated article (below):

This more technical device, which will have an impact on the amount of income tax for recipients of this new aid, will actually only concern taxpayers who make many trips in the course of their work and who take advantage of their tax return to apply for their actual costs. According to the government, 2.5 million tax households do this every year. For what gain? rate 150 EUR on each tax return. With the implementation of this new system, the respective households automatically forgo the flat 10% discount offered by the tax authorities to other tax households. So it is necessary to calculate whether this radical option is really a winner.

In the face of criticism from the opposition that considers the device too restrictive in the face of the risk of price hikes, Jean Castex asserted that the valuation would have a real impact and could be multiplied. The Prime Minister emphasized that “this reassessment is also intended to serve as a reference and is therefore likely to affect the mileage allowances that employers pay directly to their employees who use their personal vehicles,” thus ruling out any reduction in value-added tax on fuel.

The mileage scale applies to salaried taxpayers who use a car, motorcycle, scooter or moped to get to work, and who decide on the deduction their actual costs on their tax return. Thus, you can deduct these actual costs corresponding to your travels from your tax return. As a reminder, by choosing the actual costs, you are foregoing a flat rate allowance of 10%. The scale allows you to determine how much mileage expense will be reported on your tax return form. It is determined according to the power of the car and also according to the number of kilometers traveled over the past year. The stated costs must be believable by supporting documents (repair bills, purchase of tires, etc.)

This mileage scale is used to assess the cost of using a vehicle for anyone subject to income tax. The costs of insurance, fuel, tires, possible repairs, etc. are taken into account in this metric. On the other hand, toll bills, parking costs, and loan interest associated with the purchase of a vehicle are not taken into account in this metric. Actual costs should be indicated in Box 1 AK of tax return.

The mileage allowance is calculated according to the distance traveled between your home and place of work and also according to the financial strength of your car, data that can be easily found in your car registration document. You can find the scale applicable to cars below. However, there are two examples:

  • You have a 4CV car with 15,000 km per year as part of your job. In this case, the calculation of the mileage allowance is as follows (using the 2021 scale, 2022 is not yet published but must be increased by 10%): 15,000 (distance) x 0.294: €4410. To this is added a bonus amount of €1147, for a total of €5557 that will be deducted from your 2021 income on your tax return.
  • You have a car with financial horsepower of 5 CV and 20,000 km per year as part of your job. In this case, you will have to apply the following calculation (taking the 2021 scale, 2022 not yet published): 20,000 x 0.368 (the scale applied) = 7360. The €7,360 mileage allowance will be deducted from your tax return.

Below you will find the mileage scale applicable to cars for 2021 pending publication of the increased mileage for 2022.

administrative authority up to 5000 km From 5,001 to 20,000 km More than 20,000 km
Up to 3CV d (= distance traveled) x 0.456 (DX 0.273) + 915 EUR DX 0.318
4 CV DX 0.523 (dx 0.294) + 1147 € DX 0.352
5 CV DX 0.548 (DX 0.308) + 1200 € DX 0.368
6 CV DX 0.574 (dx 0.323) + 1,256 € DX 0.386
from 7CV DX 0.601 (dx 0.34) + 1301 EUR DX 0.405 s
*d = distance traveled

Note: If the taxpayer has an electric car, he will benefit from an increase 20% On travel expenses that can be deducted. the first.

The 2022 mileage scale has not been published by the tax authorities yet. The 2021 gauge was just as identical to the mopeds as the 2020.

up to 3000 km From 3,001 to 6,000 km More than 6000 km
DX 0.272 (DX 0.064) +416 € DX 0.147
*d = distance traveled
administrative authority up to 3000 km From 3,001 to 6,000 km More than 6000 km
1 or 2 hp d*0.341 (d * 0.085) + 768 d * 0.213
3, 4, 5 CV D * 0,404 (d * 0.071) + 999 D * 0.237
More than 5 hp D * 0.523 (d * 0.068) + 1365 D * 0.295

Note: For cars, taxpayers who drive a scooter or electric motorcycle benefit from an increase 20% Travel expenses to be deducted from their income.

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