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Microsoft thinks Apple needs to stop now

For Microsoft, Apple must be shut down now or its monopolistic side will only get worse. A strong position defended by the company behind Windows in a brief to support Epic in its lawsuit against Apple.

The case between Epic Games and Apple is far from over. Although a ‘A resounding victory’ In her own words, the Cupertino company is not entirely satisfied and has decided to appeal. In contrast, 9 out of 10 claims from the US studio were rejected and Epic Games also decided to appeal the decision, not without scoring an important victory. American justice has already assessed that the California giant will no longer be able to force publishers to use its payment system.

Concretely, each party can claim a lukewarm victory … and consider itself wronged. So a new chapter has opened and Epic Games can count on new allies in its battle. Microsoft, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and attorneys general from 35 US states recently expressed their support for the creator It is an electronic game With the United States Court of Appeals. As part of the trial, the Redmond Company and these various groups wrote summaries in Senate friend. This term refers to a person or body not directly related to the case, but who has been invited to participate in order to provide information that may inform the court’s reasoning. An opportunity for Microsoft to present its point, the American giant is not pleasant with its historical rival.

Powerful words to challenge Apple’s dominance

The company behind Windows or Office is concerned about Apple’s dominance and doesn’t slurp the words. In her memoirs, she claims that problems that can arise from the anti-competitive behavior of the Cupertino giant “Go beyond the game”. Microsoft says it wants to expose itself “A unique – and balanced – perspective on the legal, economic and technological issues involved in this case”. Like Apple, the company sells and guarantees hardware and software “He has an interest” To support competition law.

Microsoft also criticizes the first court’s decision by denouncing “Superpower of Control” from Apple. The company is arguing over the place of the App Store and interconnection “meaningful” iOS devices. “Few companies, probably none since AT&T … at the height of the telephone monopoly, exercised such control over a wide range of economic activities”she adds.

Apple and Google, a double monopoly worries Microsoft

Strong words from a PC representative who is also concerned about the closed operation of the App Store and the Apple brand. He explains: “Beyond App Distribution and In-App Payment Solutions – Adjacent Markets [sont] directly involved in this case […] Apple offers mobile payments, music, movies, TV, ads, games, health tracking, web browsing, messaging, video chat, news, cloud storage, e-books, smart home devices, wearables, and more ».

Microsoft uses strong words to denounce the practices of its enemy brother. The company also appears to be concerned about seeing Apple and Google’s duopoly in the smartphone market getting stronger through the deal with Cupertino. Google, the only other provider of mobile operating systems, can be enabled to do the same [avoir le champ libre pour tirer parti de son contrôle d’Android et limiter la concurrence]. The stakes are high for Microsoft and other companies that rely on antitrust laws to protect competition.”she explained.

Monopoly and abuse of dominant position, Microsoft has mastered the subject

In the history of computing, Bill Gates has been regularly accused of abusing its dominant position. Microsoft has particularly benefited from Windows’ success in forcing its own Internet Explorer browser, before it developed under Apple and Google. Absent from the mobile market after the failure of Windows Phone, the Redmond giant nearly lost its place in the GAFA world. In the redemption process, M from Microsoft is now very present and worries the appetite of the giant in the world of video games. With the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, some are already concerned about a new monopoly. In the meantime, Microsoft – which already has Defend the Unreal Engine In 2020 – he hopes to tip the scales in favor of his occasional ally. The two companies found a common enemy and interests: Apple.

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