The match: Polka scored points against PSG, but did not yet want to "talk about the rest"

The match: Polka scored points against PSG, but did not yet want to “talk about the rest”

Standing in OGC Nice’s goal against owner PSG, Marcin Bulka played a key role in Paris’s elimination (0-0, tab 5-6). Little used, the Pole keeps a good squad within his host club.

Marcin Bulka, who is still holding him against Paris Saint-Germain, kept Nice’s goal in the round of 16 between the two teams on Monday (0-0, 5-6 on the pens). Although he was only playing his second game since arriving on the Cote d’Azur, the 22-year-old Pole was surprisingly effective. During the post-match press conference, the former Chelsea player in French returned to his performance. ” As a player, an athlete, if you don’t play, you’ll never be happy. It’s not fear, but hunger to play. For me, it is true that this match has been more emotionally charged since it was held in Paris. The coach decided to line up for me. He told me I deserve to play this game. »

When asked about his future, the gatekeeper quickly passed through Cartagena and Chateauroux, but began to call: “ I won’t talk about the sequel yet, because we’ll be discussing that shortly. We’ll see what happens this summer. Right now, I’m not yet focused on the future. I do my job by my side. In the league, I don’t play, it’s the coach’s choice, but it’s up to me to show I’m ready. I will do everything to prove to him that he can count on me, but in the end, he decides because he is the boss. “His one-year loan already includes a purchase option that Nice can exercise if the club is satisfied with his performance.

Paredes and Simmons check up

Citizen Block also gave his insight into the penalty shootout during which he stopped two attempts, Leandro Paredes and Xavi Simmons. ” All goalkeepers analyze shots on goal, especially before cup matches. Nico (Dehoon, Nice goalkeeper coach, who worked with PSG) helped me set this up. We succeeded together. I’m on the field, but without his ideas, it would be much more difficult. We have done a comprehensive analysis of the shooters and their hitting methods. Xavi, I know him and I tried to entertain him when he was shooting. I don’t know if he succeeded, but anyway, he didn’t score. The most important thing was to stop his shot. I’m very happy. »

Despite the unusual position in which this poster was placed, the giant (1.99 m) did not tremble. ” I’m on loan from Paris, so it was a more important match for me, but I still played with my emotions.polka said. I do my best on the field, and I want to win the game no matter what. Even if it’s facing Paris, I have to see them as an opponent. We came to qualify, not just to participate. “It’s done for his team, which could give him a new chance to convince Nice to keep him next Wednesday against OM.

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