Amina Farhaof, Bilal Hassani's mother, narrates her battle against bullying

Amina Farhaof, Bilal Hassani’s mother, narrates her battle against bullying

Testimony – Amina Frohoff helped her sons create a shell in the face of the bullying they suffered during their childhood. Bilal Hosni’s mother decided to tell us about her battles Be the mother of Taha Bilal and me (Michel Lavon Editions), Available Thursday, February 3rd.

It tells about the racism and homophobia in school that led to Bilal Hassani being expelled from his college in the fourth grade after he kissed a boy, As I explained in our video interview at the top of the article.

“His dismissal, I suffered so badly, was a great moment of loneliness. The parents went to meet the manager and did not want Bilal, who is gay, to stay in the same institution as their children. It was a terrible injustice and it had to be explained to Bilal that no He can finish his school year because of his sexual orientation.

His brother, Taha, was not spared these statements: people mock “sheep’s hair” or the color of his skin. In the face of this violence, Amina Frohoff decided to create educational tools not to cut ties and to listen to her children.

Confession and Knowledge Table.

She imagines Confession Sunday, a moment when her children can ask her all kinds of questions and go back to situations they might have encountered at school in previous days.

There was a class of autistic children at Bilal Primary School. He dared in this “confession” to ask me questions about it and understand what a child with autism is, without taboos or judgments, “explains this mother from Morocco, who came to France at the age of 23 to free herself from a woman and study oenology.

She also says that she planned to educate her children even before they had them. “The goal was to keep the floss with my kids so they could trust when they felt the need and especially since they didn’t understand what they encountered at school.”

I also decided to turn the coffee table into a “knowledge table”, where all kinds of magazines were offered for children’s reading. The selection ranged from the review XXIto Evidence of a sexual penis Zeb, not to mention the fashion magazines, although she was the only woman in the family. She notes that “there was no cultural judgment or discrimination: everyone was free to choose their magazines and Bilal read these magazines a lot”.

Harassment during Eurovision

In her influential book, Amina Frohoff also returns to Eurovision 2019, where Bilal Hassani placed 14th. Before he deftly interpreted the nickname “The King” in Tel Aviv, the artist almost gave up everything due to the wave of cyberbullying he faced in the days leading up to the competition.

“When we saw this wave of cyberbullying, the solution we came up with at the time was to remove his accounts so that they could be managed by the community admin. I was advised not to go read messages on Youtube or Twitter but I looked anyway. However, there were Calls for murder. She was incredibly reminiscent of the violence. Facing a torrent of hate, the singer decided to file a complaint against X for insults and threats against homosexuals.

Amina Farhaof hopes her story will inspire parents whose children, like Taha and Bilal, are victims of bullying at school. “I cannot change society on my own, but if I bring two children into the world and can pass on the basic principles of the right to difference and tolerance to them, I will have contributed to building a better society.”

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