Paris deserves chaos

Paris deserves chaos

“Adieu Paris”, Edward Baer’s last twilight movie, is still in theaters

With Édouard, the bitterness of the open book continues to spread across the screen. Make no mistake about the intentions of this boy from a good family. They are not peaceful! This craving for vitality finds it hard to hide his hatred for our times. It is easy to understand. It’s very ugly and very fast to bite. Laughter is a deterrent to him. Humor, which is a necessary disguise so as not to drown out. In promotion, on televisions, for two weeks, as usual, he would have done little more, to amuse the show, to control a complicit animator, Zapping Records and above all, for fear of being exploited by the system. Buried under ordination fragments, this has been his major existential fear since his professional debut. He knows better than anyone the weakness of an actor in an advertising campaign and knows very well that freedom in this profession is exercised on bail. Under a note of deposit, even. We know Edward well now, his dissident character and his bourgeoisie. from the depths Nova to Viewing CenterHis face no longer lies to us. His annoyance is familiar to us. His stagnant jokes and carnival rhetoric will accompany all of our youth. We admire his regularity in interview efforts and suspicious phrase. To drive us away from the monotony of calibrated entertainment, he tirelessly continues to boast greedily, to fill the void of conversations with an airy word, to express a ridiculous and friendly gesture in a crazy world of instant profitability. Again and again he avoids the obstacle, trying to impose his own choreography, his own lexicon, his own story. Only for this desperate attempt, these humble side steps, we are grateful to him. Edward hates this profession as rework and obsession with glamor leads to the film’s success. Behind the palette of nostalgia and the failed facade, this perverted art form that made itself the French warehouse, his film”bye paris It looks like an inventory before the general liquidation. It is time to settle accounts in this old lazy, phrasebook capital free of all malice and charm. After that we can draw the curtain. And you go somewhere else. away from the boulevards. With Edward, who certainly cannot be cured, not even the past can heal the wounds. In this knitted tie, there is no potential redemption, no lifeline. Darkness attacks us after several hours of watching this “funny” movie. The champagne receded and gave way to a deep mess. What we will remember from these game legends, collected together in Closet de lilac For a ritualistic and pathetic lunch? Some balanced projections, a good score for the free cast, a duo of Belgians playing with a certain talent, Arditi expansion Lost, tender and poetic Stephenin, sarcastic and funny prevost, Le Coc staggering of clumsiness, all that wobbly, slightly lost fragility can upset, ends up seducing with his air holes and endless sadness.

Chaotic and dark, Edouard is uninterested in dramaturgy, uninterested in concrete scenarios and scathing suspense. You may leave the room, very upset, at this long indoor spectacle in a mole’s skin and these rhetorical contests between retired actors. We laughed a little, and we got a little bored, too. And then, much later, as if this “comedy” requires maturity, we find it incredibly brazen. Because it is stiff without meat and is not affected. A sharp testimony to yesterday’s glories in fading Paris does not allow hope to seep through. Dare! Women are just shades. This chatty meeting of male seclusion does not conclude any political message. However, the talkative Édouard is a former master of silence, only Gérard Depardieu and Jackie Berroyer are worth the price of the entrance ticket.

bye parisThe Edward Baer movie – in theaters now

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