Capcom: Updated Sales Figures and Historic Licenses A hit!

Capcom: Updated Sales Figures and Historic Licenses A hit!

Business News Capcom: Updated Sales Figures and Historic Licenses A hit!

Capcom last week revealed its stellar financial results, with higher revenue, operating profit and net profit. This balance sheet, which proves that Capcom has chosen the right direction at the moment, is clearly dependent on the sale of its games. Today we have a clearer view of its sales.

For a long time, Capcom has been in the habit of updating a page dedicated to selling its games and licenses. Good way to follow The long-term behavior of franchises and games, measured over a certain period. To make things easier for us, Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Rise, which will be enriched l’extension Sunbreak This summer, it crossed the 8 million copies distributed after its PC release, and Resident Evil Village has sold 5.7 million copies as of December 31.

Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter continue to deliver

Capcom: Updated Sales Figures and Historic Licenses A hit!

Therefore, the publisher took advantage of this last balance sheet before showing the annual tax results. To update your numbers. And so we learn thanks Our colleagues from Gamekult and on the sales pageThat’s Monster Hunter World, episode Bestseller in franchise history and Capcom In general, from October to December, it passed quietly 200,000 extra copiesbringing the total sales to 17.8 millionthe number that is necessary Add 8.8 million Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (+300,000 over the past 3 months). For its part, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, released in July 2021, has 1.40 million copies sold.

Capcom: Updated Sales Figures and Historic Licenses A hit!

For its part, the Resident Evil franchise continues to run the store, and allows itself to Not relying solely on village sales. In the last quarter of 2021, Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil 2 Remake episodes sold an additional 400,000 copies each. Thus, the first edition exceeded 10.5 million copies, while the second sold 9.3 million copies. Less well known and heavily criticized for the redesigns made compared to the original, Resident Evil 3 Remake has now sold nearly 5 million copies.

For the rest, note the liveliness of the publisher’s back catalog, with Street Fighter V, now sold out at More than 6 million copiesto Devil May Cry 5, which is slowly but surely approaching 5 million copies soldbringing the total amount deducted to more than 25 million, or Marvel vs. Infinite Capcom who, with 1.8 million copies soldRanking went up.

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