Zoom.  Stade Toulousain: We decode Martin Page-Relo match, substitute Antoine Dupont against the Wasps

Zoom. Stade Toulousain: We decode Martin Page-Relo match, substitute Antoine Dupont against the Wasps

During this match on the third day of the European Cup, how did the youngster who had so much responsibility in replacing the No.9 star of England’s ‘red and black’ behaved? His performance holds great promise.

Anything but a gift. or poisoned, the current situation is not favorable for Toulousin Stadium. In his first term after his brief Top 14 appearance in early November against Perpignan, Martin Big-Rillo (23) was inevitably expected. Especially in a position “dismantled” by Antoine Dupont who currently sees no alternative – Alexei Bales and Baptiste Germain – really establishing themselves in the hierarchy.

Not helped by the collective

If it will take time for whoever left to harden last season in Pro D2, at Carcassonne, we must recognize that he has met expectations fairly well against the Wasps. Comfortable with managing the game on foot, he sought above all, with sobriety, to put the maximum speed in versions with an excellent quality of passes. “His performance is encouraging and rather interesting, Ugo Mola appreciated. Then, unfortunately, he was not always able to confirm his qualities due to the lack of competence in the confrontation areas and the bustle that was not always in our favour.”

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The team did not put him in the best possible position, such a penalty waived due to the passivity of his supporters in receiving a candle (20), the starting point of the Test on 14-7 (23). The author of a good defensive comeback on Young in ’22’, also the origin of what could have been a turning point in the match, he fell victim to a poorly controlled tackle from Umaga on a ball played in the heart of England’s defense (34). A shock that would have the advantage of showing how tough Half Scrum was when he returned to the field in the second half after fulfilling concussion protocol during the break.

“He realized he could play in matches like this.”

Half the time where he, like his team, would have slowed down, and also made some mistakes (striker at the exit of The Rock, 48; playoffs banned, 50; poor pass for Mifu in a dynamic phase of play, 54). Which didn’t stop Romain Ntamak, his hinge counterpart, from praising his continental baptism: “We’ve known each other for a while since we’ve been playing together since the bottom line in Toulouse. We weren’t worried about standards and he played a great game. He gave us great speed, and he stuck With the ball. He was very clean in everything he did, so I think everyone was very happy. It’s a pity that we can’t give him the win for his first European game but I think it will give him confidence in the future. He’s realized that he can play in matches from Like that, that’s a very positive thing for him.”

Promises are only now waiting to be fulfilled.

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