News of the week from 14 to 20 January

News of the week from 14 to 20 January

What’s new this week on the SVOD platform? Movies, series, documentaries … Télé-Loisirs tells you everything.

we are at home. That’s in a nutshell what the state of mind for a moment might be. While the pandemic is still very much present, even on TV sets, and some movies are seeing their release dates change, not least, the best thing you can do is stay home, warm, with cameos and a cup of good tea or hot chocolate. That’s fine, the platforms are there to offer maximum entertainment. We start of course with Netflix, whose show for 2022 is even more enticing. The long-awaited third season of the French series heart plan It has already been a success. Last week, it was Alyssa Milano who signed her big comeback with the emotional thriller Underworld grip. Discover without delay all the news of the week.

The new original series

after life : Season 3 (14/01): If Tony is no longer so irritable about life, he’s still struggling to fill the void left by his wife’s death.

the home (01/14): This bizarre black comedy anthology was created by some of the best independent talent in stop-motion animation.

Archive 81 (14/01): An archivist hired to recover a collection of old video tapes reconstructs a documentary filmmaker’s work and investigations into a dangerous cult.

high voltage lure : Season Three (01/19): At the gates of heaven, attractive bachelors turn around, but there’s a but: to win $100,000, they must remain chaste.

margin Season 4 (01/19): This gritty drama returns for the fourth season.

original movies

comedian (01/14): At a crossroads in his life, an actor receives a curious offer from his best friend.

Absolutely royal! (01/20): New Yorker Izzy congratulates herself on celebrity styling at Prince Handsome’s wedding. But they fall in love with each other! Must choose: love or duty?

the movies

front runner (16/01): In 1988, Gary Hart was at the forefront of the Democratic primary. But the life of this attractive and brilliant politician is in danger because of his private life. By a certain fate, Jason Reitman fondly describes the transformation of the relationship between the press and politicians. admiration cast.


Puppet master: Leçons de manipulation (01/18): In this shocking documentary series, a ruthless crook pretends to be a British spy to manipulate and rob his victims and their families.

Miam, damn it! (01/19): Discover the Festival of Flavors, a visual ode to Mexico’s culinary creativity and authentic cuisine that deserves a little extravagance.

Midnight Asia: eat, dance, dream (20/01): An overnight journey through six famous Asian cities and the food, art, clubs and subcultures that set them apart.

Children’s movies and series

Riverdance: Animated Adventure (14/01): Keegan, a sad young Irishman, learns from his Spanish friend Moya how to dance among a herd of magical deer to overcome grief and danger.

Mighty Express: All is well! (18/01) : The trains are surrounded by two thieves who have taken control of the barrier! Will Flicker the King of Rail be able to thwart their plans and save his friends?

for anime

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood : Volume 2 (01/18): Chaos reigns and threatens peace. All heroes must heed the call to fight the fearsome forces that threaten to plunge the world into darkness.

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