[PREVIEW] Anacrusis, the remaining 4 plastic is dead

[PREVIEW] Anacrusis, the remaining 4 plastic is dead

Anacrusis is a co-op FPS available in Early Access, allowing four players to take on hordes of aliens aboard a spaceship, through different campaigns. If we change the futuristic side of the thing with a post-apocalyptic theme and aliens by zombies, you’ll have a new Left 4 Dead. But, can Anacrusis rival this classic of the genre?

Type: Cooperative FPS | Developer: Stray Bombay | publisher: Stray Bombay | a program: steamAnd Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store | the price : 24.99 € | Recommended configuration: Intel Core i5-6600K or AMD FX-83508GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 | Languages: French, English and 7 more | Exit date: January 13, 2022 | life times: Qua few hours

The test was performed on an editor version.

My big ship

Welcome aboard Anacrusis, a massive spacecraft stuck somewhere in space, invaded by aliens. I can’t tell you why or how, because we don’t know. But if you listen to the few dialogues between the characters during the game, you’ll probably learn more, as with the survivors in Left 4 Dead. The sets have the style of the 60’s and 70’s, blending the futuristic aspect of the game with a somewhat retro vibe. If the selection sounds original, we are sorry that the display is generally ugly. Not because the graphics are ugly, because the decorations are still a little detailed, but because almost everything is seamless. Almost everything looks flat, and the levels have no soul. Moreover, the level design is not great, the maps are linear. Sure, there are rooms all around, full of little nooks to find different weapons, equipment or bonuses to choose from for your character. We can then get lost, but in the end, there is only one path to finish the level. So we will tend to rush, without taking the time to think about what’s going on around us, to complete the three campaigns available at the moment between about an hour and an hour and a half each. You should know that in addition to this, Anacrusis does not provide a difficulty option, so it is impossible to increase the complexity of your game.

Anacrusis 360 . MapWhat’s going on ?

And it’s not artificial intelligence that will slow you down, either. On the one hand, because the primary aliens are not much of a threat, on the other hand, because allied robots are very effective. They clean rooms while you kill an enemy or two, manage certain hordes on their own, and race towards the end of the level if you die. They shoot well, but tend to hold onto opponents, so the only time they need is when attacking a horde mixed with special aliens that will take them down. Because what a game like this would be without its monsters with special abilities. And on this point, it must be said that its diversity is a success, as well as its seriousness. Some stand out, like the flasher that emits a very blinding or bright yellow light that will entrap you, but there are also more classic attacks like the smoker alpageur attack. Playing with friends is obviously always more fun, and the game can quickly turn into a blissful mess in the absence of group cohesion when it comes to defending a position.

To beat the aliens, you will have access to a very meager arsenal in terms of firearms. Submachine gun, assault rifle or shotgun, these are the few basic energy weapons you can have access to. They have very little recoil, and they don’t provide any particular feel. In addition, accuracy at a medium distance is not present, even in the viewfinder. The shots go wrong, or even through, also showing a problem with the Hitbox, while your network is on the enemy. On the other hand, if you shoot their stomach, they will shoot the ball in the head (I specify that I played without the assistance of the shooting). Imagine at a long distance… Three heavy weapons once used also in the game (electric gun, laser gun and robotic turret), giving them a feeling of power. I’m still happy.

However, there is a wide selection of grenades with different effects. From the slack bomb that will slow down enemies to the shield bomb that will protect you from them, through to the vortex bomb that will suck up all the nearby aliens before exploding, all of these will allow you to diversify your playing style a bit. Which compensates for the lack of firearms, forcing you to make a choice that you find logical depending on the state of your group and your game. Note that Anacrusis does not offer weapons or melee attacks, except for a “pulse”, a type of point force field that will push opponents close to you a bit.

Anacross 360 . crowdMakes mistakes, but not broken

From a technical point of view, Anacrusis should not be pityed. Special aliens sometimes get stuck in the scene, as shown this video In the first few minutes of playing, I only experienced a crash and a few slight slowdowns. For an early access game, it performs better than some AAA games when it was released. Several options are available, such as adjusting the field of view (good), but also the magnetism of the shot and the help of grenades that direct your projectiles towards the opponent (not so good). The game, which is played crosswise, will allow the players on the console to be as good as the bots.

We promised that the game will not offer the same game twice, as we randomly place every weapon, grenade, gadget and bonus in each level. That’s right, and in true Left 4 Dead fashion, only a few events will always play the same way. Like a mob attack when the door is opened, or endless waves of aliens on a corridor until players reach a certain point, but it stops there. We also regret that the cooperation aspect is only limited to being able to heal/bring his comrades, or having to press a button simultaneously to open a passage. Anacrusis does not bring anything new in these points, and is content with using concepts that have been seen and reviewed. For my part, I did not enjoy playing this game, either with bots or randomness. The only beautiful moments were when I was playing with a member of the editorial staff, making use of Discord to find cohesion and communication within the group.

wait a little bit

Anacrusis is nowhere near Left 4 Dead. Only available in early access, it turns out to be pretty poor at the moment. With only three linear campaigns, no versus mode, no choice of difficulty and a lousy feel to the weapon, the replayability is clearly not there. As it stands, Anacrusis is not worth it unless you have some friends to play with or play with. But don’t expect a long experience. According to the available roadmap, the game will eventually receive two new campaigns, new weapons, as well as new enemies and game modes.

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