Channel +: Two great movies to watch tonight

Channel +: Two great movies to watch tonight

Channel +: Two great movies to watch tonight

To end the week in style, nothing beats the convenience of the excellent programs available on Canal+. The channel and its streaming platform SVoD MyCanal offers many high-quality movies and series, and there is something for everyone.

And to help you make a good choice, CNET France recommends two very good feature films to watch on the streaming service.

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For this Friday evening, we recommend the movies 1917 And Invisible Man.

What movies to watch tonight on Canal +?

Great Thrilling War Movie: 1917


Schofield and Blake, two young British soldiers, are given an impossible task, strictly speaking, in the midst of the turmoil of World War I. Carrying a message that can prevent a devastating attack and the deaths of hundreds of soldiers, including Blake’s brother, they embark on a true race against time, behind enemy lines.

CNET France’s opinion

When Sam Mendes, was a managerAmerican beautyAnd sky fall And ghostDeciding to make a film about the First World War, and in honor of one of his predecessors, this can only make an exceptional, unique and profound work, and a formidable proposal for cinema.

Especially since this is the true story of two British soldiers who find themselves starring in an amazing process: the idea of ​​a war movie in one two-hour take. if in the end, 1917 Is a “wrong” sequential shot (more like 35 long scenes, the most important being 9 minutes), the experience remains great and total immersion.

From scenes of relaxation between soldiers, to scenes of intense combat, passing through scenes of more intimate walks or moments of rest, 1917 It dominates the spectator without letting him go until the end, revealing an unrelenting countdown and heightening tension at the same time.

Far from ambitious with its directing bias, it is above all a gallery of characters who remain at the fore, like many of the small human stories captured in the big story. A simple soldier or officer, a humble mother or a German foe all lend a poignant dimension to this great war story. Moreover, the cast of the film is also impressive: discoveries George MacKay and Dean Charles Chapman rub shoulders with excellent Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong and Andrew Scott.

A breathtaking war movie with a magical image for a unique experience. 1917 is a must-see movie on the largest screens, and will not leave you indifferent.

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Fun and innovative horror edition: Invisible Man


Cecilia Kass is in a relationship with a brilliant and wealthy scientist. No longer supporting her violent and domineering behavior, she ran away one night and took refuge with her sister, their childhood friend, and teenage daughter. But when the man commits suicide, leaving Cecilia a large portion of his vast fortune, she begins to wonder if he is really dead. As a series of disturbing coincidences threaten the lives of those she loves, Cecilia desperately seeks to prove that a man no one sees is stalking her. Little by little, you feel that its cause is vibrating …

CNET France’s opinion

This new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ literary classic takes the trappings of a horror film and anticipation with a feminist dimension. As the heroine of this intense new release Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) Transfer and persuasion.

Produced by Blumhouse, the studios behind Horror Actions supernatural activity And evil, this Invisible Man Take advantage of their recipe to refresh the most necessarily bloody and nervous. If her (faded and “futuristic”) artistic direction wasn’t the most exciting, Invisible Man He is amazed by the excellent tension scenes where the enemy is not seen and where the company closes its eyes.

A social metaphor here acquires a terrifying dimension that works 100%. Thus the film deals with the current issue of violence against women, seizing the opportunity to change stereotypes and expectations of the viewer thanks to its story with multiple twists. As in praise Get outThe horrors of society are often more horrific than those in the cinema.

Without being a movie of the year, Invisible Man A clever spin on the genre and the iconic H.G. Wells story, the movie will fill your tense evening with some visual innovation and some great action sequences.

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