Mahdi, a former Beijing Express participant, wants to save Mallory Nataf from the streets

Mahdi, a former Beijing Express participant, wants to save Mallory Nataf from the streets

A former Beijing Express participant posted his approach to TPMP on Cyril Hanouna’s website: He wants to help Mallaury Nataf off the street. He explains why and how he was able to find it. The former sitcom star from the ’90s is said to be homeless again in Paris.

Mallory Nataf, whose descent into Hell has been announced for several years, will live on the streets once again. The 49-year-old former actress was found dead by Medhi, a former Beijing Express participant, Cnews reports. He came to explain himself on the set of TPMP to publish the drama of this former star in the 90s. She played the role of Lola in “Honey and Bees”, a cult series produced by AB. After a period of media coverage explaining her descent to hell, Mallory Nataf is back under the radar.

Mahdi finds Mallory plucked on a street in Paris

But this former reality show nominee, Mehdi, did her best to find her to help her. He posted a video on his Twitter account, which has since been deleted, in which “We can see Mallory Nataf making incoherent and vulgar statements to say the least,” Cnews reports. Mehdi explains that he found Mallory Nataf thanks to indications of other homeless people. “I happened upon her, between 12 noon and 1 pm, Rue Rivoli. I am sensitive to this kind of thing (…) I invited her to drink coffee and eat at the snack bar next door.” He says that after accepting, Mallory Nataf will lose his temper before he leaves.

But he does not want to abandon his idea: “We found an apartment, we can put it back on track (…) We talk a lot about living together, and I will not leave it.”

Over and over homeless

According to CNN, “She has been living on the street since December 2020”. But these homelessness periods have doubled in recent years for the former actress. She had shared her story with Spica Life which shared a long video clip. We discover how she first found herself on the street after the father of her third child’s aneurysm ruptured. While her two oldest sons were taken away from her, she benefited from the help of an acquaintance who hosted her for 40 days. Being a housewife, she was not able to pay the rent. She finds herself on the street with her two-and-a-half-year-old. After several months at home, he was placed in social services.

His story was published at the beginning of 2021, and it even made the front page of Le Parisien. A new controversy emerges that leaves room for doubt about the veracity of his story. A publisher decides to publish a book about his story. The hope the former actress clings to to get her baby back. It seems that the situation did not turn in his favor in light of the news conveyed by the Mahdi.

The Mahdi justifies his approach

His interference in Cyril Hanouna’s show sparked a torrent of reactions. He was criticized for spreading his approach. “If I brag about a good deed, I don’t brag” or “When you help someone in misery, you have to do it discreetly”… Mehdi posted a video again on Saturday 15 January justifying his approach. He assures us that “it’s not the noise” that matters to him and gives us some details. “I didn’t separate everything, Mallory was protected, I paid the hotel so she could warm up, what I didn’t understand was that she broke up, I just did this to ask for help, I in no way wanted to hurt and apologize for it and hurt you.” We understand that he wants to continue searching for the actress to house her and help her out of the predicament.

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