Camelot: Astier returns to the most exciting scene in the movie - Actus Ciné

Camelot: Astier returns to the most exciting scene in the movie – Actus Ciné

Back to the scene where, after climbing a tower, Arthur kisses Guinevere for the first time since the beginning of “Camelot,” and to the way Alexander Astaire approaches the sequence in question.

After many years of arguing, screaming, taunting, and domestic scenes, at the end of Kaamelott – Premier Volet, Arthur and Guinevere finally exchange a passionate hug, and even a romantic kiss.

Just before entering into battle against Lancelot, the two characters go to King Pan’s Tower to retrieve a crown of flowers. As Jennifer goes up the stairs, Arthur stands guard and suddenly decides to join her at the top. The ivy then climbs up the facade of the tower, passes through the window and kisses the queen without saying a word.

This sequence, which has been especially awaited by fans, well complements the unique relationship between the royal couple, and has long been envisioned by Alexander Astaire, as he himself announced during a question-and-answer session with his fans, organized by Fnak :

(…) I’ve known for a long time that Jennifer would be in a very stereotypical princess position, meaning that the villain at the top of the tower is locked up, as in a lot of fairy tales, Mario Bros., etc. That classic lover or suitor’s climb next to the vegetation that runs the length of the tower, I know I’ve wanted it for a long time”, It is to explain.


The director and translator of Arthur’s film continued his commentary by declaring that the scene in his eyes was even more beautiful because the two characters lent themselves to this love ritual in an era not so different from traditional lovebirds.

“I don’t know how old they are, but we are more or less, or a little less, because the cinema has done some magic”, trust. “Anyway, they are over forty. And the fact that he’s gone up into this grassland, when the door is open and he has only to go up the stairs, the effort he makes, so badly, that he puffs, even with my hands scratched by thorns… I’ve I fell in love with this idea. I wanted to do it, because I think it’s so beautiful.”

But despite the accuracy of the scene,Alexander Ester It was in his mind that the director still looked at his outcome with some trepidation, wondering if the kiss between Arthur and Jennifer would seem acceptable to the fans.


“There is something that helped me a lot to do that,” He says. “It’s Jennifer herself. It’s Anne Girouard. (…) Indeed, when I approached her, it was the look which she, at that moment, possessed, which for me contains all that it should contain. This means, perhaps a little panic, but also a little impatience, a mixture of amazement and familiarity. Something light but with meaning. And suddenly I said to myself, “If she sees what we can do with it, then we’ll get there.”

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