Pros and cons of this new novel!

Pros and cons of this new novel!

France 3 will broadcast on January 15 at 9:10 pm an unpublished episode of its group “Murders in…”. And for that unitary, head to Mont Saint-Michel!

This Saturday, January 15th, after Correz or Blois, head to Mont Saint-Michel! France 3 broadcasts from 9:10 pm Al Wahda MThe Mont Saint-Michel murdersA new unreleased episode of the group “Murders in…”. Worn, in particular, by Juliette Lemonnier (seen in beach hotelAnd Benoit Micheleklim), the TV movie begins with the discovery of a man’s body found in Mont Saint Michel. Shortly before his death, the latter sought help from Father Florentine (Anthony Dillon who revealed to us whether he himself plays the piano), an exorcist priest. Sophie, of the National Gendarmerie, is in charge of investigating Nathan, her colleague… What is the value of this new episode of the Religious Detective series of Three? Télé Loisirs gives you both the positive and negative points of this production!

positives The Mont Saint-Michel murders

Rare are the novels whose location is considered one of the jewels of French heritage! To watch this new episode of France 3 Police set, head to Mont-Saint-Michel. One of the busiest spots in the country, the nautical site is the setting for the plot of the TV movie by actors Juliette Lemonnier and Benoit Michel. They embody Sophie and Nathan, two policemen responsible for explaining the disturbing assassination of a construction site boss. Between exorcism and revenge, the investigators will have to separate truth from falsehood. More than this plot, the real added value of this unique unit lies in its natural location: the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel offers a wonderful visual spectacle, just like the bay that surrounds it. Whether you have had the opportunity to visit the site or not, it is always awe-inspiring to discover the narrow and cobbled streets of this unique little UNESCO World Heritage Site on TV. The Mont Saint-Michel murders It also evokes the legend surrounding the construction of the monument when, in 708, Bishop Hubert decided to erect the building after receiving a visit from the Archangel Saint-Michel. A welcome touch of history.

Negative points The Mont Saint-Michel murders

If the pictures of the mountain are breathtaking, the scenario is a little less so. Very easy and classic in its results, this new episode of Murders in… Not the best from this point of view. It is very easy to guess how the main plot and the secondary ending. And this despite the touch of mysticism cleverly added to the story. It is unfortunate, moreover, that this touch of originality was not used further. Moreover, a certain imbalance is quickly felt in the casting process. Faced with the dark and disturbing character of Anthony Dillon as a priest who appears to be hiding many secrets, young Juliette Lemonnier struggles to establish herself as the young leader of the gendarmerie. She shows greater conviction in facing Benoit Michele, who plays her co-star… and more so if she has affiliations. This should not prevent a faithful audience from drawing to Mont Saint-Michel a detective group that, with each new broadcast, retains its classic bill and lavish regional motifs from 4 to 5 million viewers.

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