The Greens take the lead before the break

The Greens take the lead before the break

Green Vigilance Defense

Twice, ASSE’s rear bulkhead cuts the course in front of Lensois’ forwards, wanted in good standing. Visitors control this start.

A great connection between Said and Bernardoni

The two men collided violently in the air on a corner played by two. Logically the wrong goalkeeper recovers.

Bakayoko is already a victim of convulsions

The young defender from Saint-Etienne suffers cramps in his first professional appearance, as the players have been playing for just 48 minutes. This activates on the bench.

Podbouze is in a very closed club

The Stéphanois striker scored in his eleventh season in the French Ligue 1. Of the players still playing in the tournament, only Payet (15) and Briand (17) perform better.

Here we are again in Saint-Étienne!

The Greens are 45 minutes away from their third win of the season, the Lens must react!

Aoucheesh’s reaction (Prime Video)

“That rewards the first half. The team doesn’t cheat. We’re involved, we have a very good 45 minutes. We have to keep that, add generosity and effort. It’ll do the trick if we don’t let it go and put those ingredients in.”

Kakuta’s reaction (Prime Video)

“We didn’t start well. We let them play their game, we lack accuracy and patience. We have to wake up. The team plays counter-attacks, we have to take the time to prepare the procedures and finish them we will.”

Greens advance in the second half!

1-0 in favor of ASSE in the first half thanks to a goal from Boudebouz on the counter-attack. A somewhat logical result given the Greens’ intentions, against an inaccurate RC lens, in a balanced meeting.

Good exit from Bernardoni

The Greens goalkeeper dives well in front of Kalimundo, very close to a cross shot right in front of the goal. Great first for the former Angevin.

still disputed

The battle for possession is still hanging in the midfield as both teams press high and score no time-outs.

The lens reacts instantly

But Fofana, who is in the area, his attempt met the blow. The Greens will have to remain vigilant.

Bodboz goo!!

At Backlash, Aouchiche is served by Thioub on the left and sends a fine cross into the box. The ball flies to the far post and bodboz that seals with a flat foot! He noticed Leca’s hand error right away.

Lika disgusts Camara!

Bodebouz’s free kick was shot by Camara inside the penalty area. The Greens midfielder turns around and shoots at first intention, but Leca pulls away from a great stopping point when the ball heads towards goal!

Greens are less intense

The race seems to have regained control of the match for a few minutes, as Stefano is very rare at Camp Linso. As the break is approaching, the parity points line makes sense for the time being.

Bernardoni is very tough

The lens is dangerous for the new high recovery. On the right side of the roof, he carried a powerful shot, which was blocked by the attentive Bernardoni.

Gradette’s first card

Lensois defender has been warned for a foul on Aouchiche. Penalty due to repeated defects, refer to the sentence.

The lens is useless

The visitors recover the ball very high but they lack the accuracy of the serve to continue. Both teams are very offensive and sometimes leave big spaces.


Deliciously served with inspiration from Boudebouz, Camara tries his luck twenty meters from the goal. It goes a little over Leca’s goal.

Bernardoni is awake

Stéphanois’ new goalkeeper came close to being hit by a deep free kick from Clauss who took the direction of the illuminati, but made a nice click. The next corner does nothing.

Speed ​​but no chances

Despite the good intentions of both teams going forward, chances have been scarce since kick-off. The game mainly takes place in the middle of the field.

Podbouze does a lot

Despite his good serve on the right, Podbouze wobbles and doesn’t cross and ends up with an impossible dribble attempt. The ball is instantly retrieved by Lens.

Always a secret lens

Sang et Or came close to Bernardoni’s goal within the minutes, but without being really dangerous. We expect more chances in this match.

Stefano is comfortable on the corner

Saint-Etienne is the team that has the most effective corner kicks this season in Ligue 1, with 6 goals. Also, the Greens are the only ones who scored more than half of their goals from set pieces (17/10).

Klaus escapes from the box

Klaus pinned Bodebouz in midfield who was making a counter-attack. He only gets a verbal warning.

Saint-Etienne threatens from a corner

An interesting new opportunity for greens. Lensoise’s defense managed to break the wire into a dangerous corner that Nadé headed with a header.

No blood and gold found

Aside from Said’s goal, Linswa failed to alarm the Greens’ defense. The visitors hardly leave their camp anymore.

Green insists

Stefanoa’s new high recovery thanks to the very good pressure. Sang et Or was still astonished by such a very voluntary start from their opponents.

Save Lens

Great inversion from Maçon to the right, with a small bridge in the way. The piston then tries its luck against the Leca with a tight angle. Guard to forget pays back from his face to save his team!

Good intentions for the green

Like Boudebouz, ASSE started the match in a somewhat turbulent fashion, but the danger soon came to the counterattack.

Happy strike!

Saeed moved to the left, takes the ball at his feet and tries his luck at the entrance to the penalty area in a quick transition. His powerful shot crosses Bernardoni’s goal.

I asked Bakayoko

Young Stefano fouled Saeed in the midfield during the first minutes of playing with the professionals.

Kakuta Bernardoni alert

The first shot in this match is after 20 seconds of play, and Kakuta’s long attempt goes to the right of Saint-Etienne’s goal.

Let’s go between Saint-Etienne and Lens!

Kick-off by the Greens in front of 5,000 fans, good match for everyone!

The “lens” can no longer do this outside

The Sang et Or has gone 6 games without a win away from Ligue 1 (5 defeats, 1 draw), their worst streak since their return last season. Lens has also won only one of his last 7 league matches (3 draws, 3 defeats), the last against Rennes (1-0).

A little suitable history for ASSE

The two teams will meet for the 100th time in the league. The Greens achieved 40 victories, compared to 35 victories for Neswa, and 24 draws. But Saint-Étienne has won only once out of its last 4 receptions from Racing (1 draw, 2 losses).

Lens made in classic

The prodigious goalscorer against Rennes last Saturday (1-0), Said will only define his fifth term this season. Preferably over Sotoca or Pereira da Costa. It wasn’t a big surprise to Frank Hayes’ eleven.

Triple defense of the greens

Another novelty in the 11 of AS Saint-Etienne: the team will develop with a defense at 3 and not 4 as is often the case since the start of the season. Novice Bakayoko will be supported by his club and Kolodziejczak. Mason and Silva will act as pistons.

Great Beginnings in Saint-Etienne

Both on loan from Angers, Bernardoni and Thieube will make their Greens debut this afternoon. Also note the debut of young Bakayoko (19) in midfield.

The eleventh of Saint-Etienne

Bernardoni – Nadia, Bakayoko, Kolodzijczak – Mason, Camara, Youssef, Silva – Thiob, Boudebouz, Uchich


Bagic, Ghazali, Gorna, Deus, Mouton, Leary, Krasso, Rivera, Diayi

Lens composition

Lika – Gradette, Danso, City – Klaus, Doukuri, Fofana, Frankowski – Kakuta, Kalimundo, Happy


Farines, Wau, Pereira, Berg, Cahuzac, Pereira da Costa, Sotoka, Jan, Baldi

“The ball is at your feet to save you.”

Dozens of members of the Magic Fans, a group of Greens supporters, stand in front of Geoffroy-Guichard in the face of the urgency of results in which the ASSE indulges.

There is no choice in front of the vegetables

Last time in Ligue 1 by 4 lengths behind Lorient, the playoff, Stefano was in the midst of a sporting crisis since they lost 5 times in the tournament. They have not played since January 2, defeating Jura Sud in the last 16 of the Coupe de France (4-1).

Fourth place in sight for Lens

While waiting for the matches of Rennes (4th) and Montpellier (5th), Sang and others (sixth) have the opportunity to temporarily return to the foot of the podium in the event of a win. They continued the snatch victory against Red and Black (1-0).

ASSE weakened too

Pascal Debraz will be deprived of many elements at this meeting: Nordin, Green, Gnanion, Hammuma (injured), Sissoko, Trauco, Sako (sick), Mukodi, Su, Niu, Bwanga and Khazri (Canada).

Lens, for its part, is complete, except for Machado (the injured), Hydara and Ganago (Canada).

Good morning all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the match between AS Saint-Etienne, the bottom of the championship, and RC Lens, still in a fight for Europe. This 100th head-to-head meeting between the two teams in Ligue 1 will begin at 5pm.

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