Pokémon Légende Arceus

The franchise is evolving (finally)!

With Pokémon Legends Arceus, the series goes back in time to the origins of its history. Successful bet?

With a scheduled release Friday 28 January 2022And Pokemon Legends Arceus It already aims to renew the worship license established by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. A big bet on this video game giant, which has been struggling to reinvent itself for a few years. Set in a new era, on the frontiers of the medieval region of Hisui (formerly Sinoh), did this unprecedented adventure allow the game to evolve?

Pokémon finally offers a story in its heyday

Mount Snow is crowned in Pokémon Legends Arceus
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The recipe for Pokémon games hasn’t really changed in 25 years, but it must be admitted that it is largely the magic of the video game saga. For Nintendo, the challenge was to succeed in reinventing the franchise, without losing the original salt. A big bet, shared by the company via a An ambitious semi-open world RPG.

The narrative framework first, without revolutionizing the genre, presents us with a real change compared to previous works. The different time period of the game allowed for some fantasies, it is clear that Nintendo was able to take advantage of it, with An original and effective plot. Unlike many episodes that preceded it, Pokemon Legends Arceus It offers an adventure full of puzzles, which even after several hours continues to raise certain questions. The introduction in particular has the advantage of plunging us into a hitherto unknown universe, surprising us, even in the choice of beginners.

Mitigate key rings bets, Pokemon Legends Arceus It’s also an opportunity to tackle a topic often relegated to the background in the franchise: science. Generally limited to Legendaries, and without affecting much of the rest of the adventure, However, this fundamental aspect of licensing ultimately offers all the attention it deserves. It must be said that the legends of the Pokémon world of his year in particular have a central place. It is already in this region that the god Arsius arose out of the original nothingness to give birth to Dialga and Balkiya, who are able to control time and space respectively. An essential book episode in the history of the game.

Summon a mountain in Pokémon Legends Arceus
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If Hisui presents himself with pretty much the same geography as the episodes diamonds and pearls And platinum (Then later reprints sparkling diamond And sparkling pearls), this journey into the past of licensing is an opportunity to discover the area from a completely different perspective. here, No tournaments or arena championsThe goal is to help Professor Lavender list all the Pokémon in the area Create the first Pokédex in history. A gigantic mission, which will prompt the main character to join the Galaxy group (the same one who after a few centuries will try to rule the world), and meet the diamond and pearl clans to investigate the mystery Pokemon Monarchs. Between science and fan service, the title thus represents an opportunity to discover the origins of the universe we thought we knew by heart.

Let’s take a walk in Hisui

Far from the often linear gameplay of its predecessors, Pokemon Legends Arceus It offers us a vast open world to explore. It was also one of the main promises of the game, before we finally realized that the latter would in fact be divided into several distinct regions. If many fear seeing their adventurous momentum slow down due to these details, it is clear that Game Freak has worked very well: although these enclosed spaces are independent of each other, these enclosed spaces constitute A stadium big enough for our ambitions from the coaches.

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It is a pleasure at last to quickly find ourselves cruising in the swamps of the Plateau Turbo, or along the Digue de l’Estuaire. Each region has its own environment, and therefore its own Pokémon, which will change depending on the weather or time of day. In addition to displaying a Somewhat beautiful meditative dimensionThe game also allows for a nice variety of wild Pokemon approach. Thus it is possible to engage in turn-based combat, or try to catch by surprise, which adds a real challenge to the exercise. Be careful, some species that are more aggressive than others will not hesitate to attack the playable character, who now has their own reserve of life. Besides the disappearance of surprises in the tall grass, This gameplay revamp turned out to be somewhat beneficial to the game, so much so that even after about ten hours, you won’t get tired of working out.

With ambitions at the height of Mont Coronnais, Pokemon Legends Arceus However suffers from several Incomprehensible flaws in a game of this size. Starting with Hisui’s artistic direction, which not to be missed, frankly falls short of what we expect in 2022. It’s hard not to compare with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildHowever, it was released nearly five years ago. Deprived of textures, atmospheric elements and a large number of details, the world sometimes seems so empty that it severely lacks dimension.

In some enclosed spaces especially, the note is almost painful because we sometimes feel like we’re in a pre-production environment meant for developers. There are also a number of visual bugs, especially when fighting in aquatic and swampy environments, or when trying to climb a rock. On the sidelines of her many ambitions and qualities, Pokemon Legends Arceus It suffers from a few failures that are hard to forgive, but also a few absences that nonetheless seem essential to any RPG. looked b Minimap does not existWhich forces us to go back to the map regularly so we don’t get lost on the way. Let’s hope at this point Nintendo will revise its version in the first updates of the title.

To the delight of the complements

Pokémon fans know that, once the main adventure is over, the license titles take their full attention. By casting battles into the background, Game Freak is finally offering budding Jackie Leon the possibility of becoming Pokemon keepers, rather than following Sasha’s unbearable path. Finally a role that lives up to our ambitions: in addition to having to complete the first Pokédex in Hisui history, it will also be necessary Perform several hundred monitoring missions To understand pocket monsters around us. The task is long, but it imposes itself as a true epic for those who will accept it.

Because this journey into the franchise’s past is also an opportunity to discover many new creatures. In addition to a few previously unnoticed species, Pokemon Legends Arceus also full of Regional forms, whose appearance and skills have adapted to Hisui’s surroundings. The idea is not new, since Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon, these special differences have become essential to the games. However, discovering them is always exhilarating, so much so that we want more.


Despite the many flaws we would have done without it, Pokemon Legends Arceus However, it is far from disappointing. Without denying its origins, the title succeeds in a bet Renewal of some mechanisms that were fixed until now, such as mastering certain abilities, or adding “patterns” Which makes it possible to adapt a play to the opponent. Beneficial changes to the franchise, which seems to have finally realized that its first hour fans are now well past their thirties, and they undoubtedly aspire to more strategy.

Monarch in Pokémon Legends Arceus
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However, the game does not exclude the new generation, as some challenges will offer to adapt the level of difficulty after the first defeat. However, the campaign now wants to be more independent. While Game Freak had an unfortunate habit of holding hands throughout the flight, this new opus is able to ripen license codes, Now it leaves more space for wild exploration and many side quests. Even the battles, if they are more anecdotal in the story, get more and more difficult. The Monarchs in particular are now forgoing role-playing in epic clashes that are akin to franchise bosses like the legend of zelda or Mario. However, on this point in particular, we regret that the game’s commands struggle to follow, especially when it comes to dribbling.

Outfits in Pokémon Legends Arceus
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The open world also offers us its share of challenges and good surprises. Starting with a Pokemon Monarchs in the wild On the map, who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if you had the misfortune to cross their path too early in the adventure. Crafting and surviving, without revolutionizing the game, also makes it possible to add a new dimension to the title, by requiring better management of the inventory of items, as well as the level of its health. Lots of new features that seem like a return to Nintendo basics, taking advantage of this time travel to renew a license that’s been in the past for far too long.

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