La baguette a 29 centimes est mise en évidence dans les supermarchés Leclerc

In the baguette 29 cents from Leclerc, only the price tempts customers

a report – The flagship product of the brand for a few days, the first price of the baguette is not unanimous.

«It goes away on its own. We already made three trolleys this morning and the fourth is ready to be rackedTraoré, a baker at the E. Leclerc hypermarket in Épinay-sur-Seine in Seine-Saint-Denis, is a busy man. His department for a few days has become the star of mass distribution. In question, the communication inversion of Michel-Edouard Leclerc, head of the brand, who He announced on Tuesday, January 11, that his chain would now sell a baguette for four months at 29 cents. A statement that still stirs controversy, but according to the employee it allowed for an increase in purchases compared to 40 cents the old price.”Sales doubled“He rejoices.

An impression confirmed by the numbers of the sign. “Baguettes, depending on the store’s location, account for 10-30% of sales in the bakery division ‘Leclerc explains. Good result, but tradition remainsBestseller in E. Leclerc centers, 0.75 – 0.85 €‘ adds the mark.

Consumers are less raving about the product. “I take it to make toast in the morning, but it’s only windy, and it’s not appropriate to have it with cheese or something’” Joseph, a 69-year-old retiree, points a baguette in his shopping cart. Same story for Omar, 42,”True, the baguette is expensive. Especially when you go to the bakery. But when I can better pay more and get quality».

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“We don’t know what’s inside.”

After hesitating for a long time between first prize and a slightly more expensive traditional baguette, Nuzod, a young mother of 34, chose second prize:I prefer to eat less and get more qualityShe explainedThen we don’t know what’s inside“, she concludes. The composition, written on the back, reveals many elements other than the usual wheat, water and yeast. We find in particular an emulsifier (E471), a flour-curing agent (E300), enzymes …

Aisha, she did not hesitate. This retiree has a very tight budget and should prefer the least expensive: “Before I take on traditions, for three purchased, the fourth was free. But since they lowered the price of the baguette, they raised the price of other bread’, squeaking, behind her mask. He was asked about this before figaroThe tag did not respond.

After baguettes at 29 cents, a new controversy erupted over the price of pork chops, which sell for less than 2 euros a kilo. If Serge and Sylvian, 68 and 63, had turned to the first price of French bread, they would not trust such cheap meat: “At this price, we don’t really know what’s inside“Excite my lady,”It obviously doesn’t have to be French meat‘, adds Mr. asked about BFM Business PlatformAnd Michel-Edouard Leclerc justified these prices, explaining that they were “ clearance After the Christmas festivities:From the moment they didn’t sell them, the pigs became very fat and cost them a lot to keep‘, the commander justified. Joint practice In System U, in IntermarchéHe added. As he defended himself from strangling producers:We will not be the black sheep of the Galim law‘, he finished.


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