Steam Deck: Valve's portable console has a release date, and it's imminent

Steam Deck: Valve’s portable console has a release date, and it’s imminent

news devices Steam Deck: Valve’s portable console has a release date, and it’s imminent

The Nintendo Switch gave many ideas to various manufacturers and most notably to Valve, which decided to adopt the concept of Nintendo to expand it to the PC world. In fact, last summer the American giant introduced Steam Deck, a portable console under the hood. Well today, after missing the first release date (which was supposed to be sometime in December), the machine just got a new launch window. So, are you ready to take PC games wherever you want?

Handheld console release date

Through the official Steam Twitter account we get to know the big news: The Steam Deck, the Steam-compatible portable console, will be available in a few days, starting on February 28. In other words, release is imminent! Players who have pre-ordered their copy of this little device will receive an email from February 25, 2022. Please note, to make sure to check out with a copy, you must be up to date and respond to the email received within 72 hours as attested by the following press release.

It’s almost a great day! On February 25th, we will send the first batch of order notification emails to people who have a reservation. They will then have 3 days (72 hours) from receiving this email to make the purchase. After this time, the reservation will be assigned to the next person in line. The first copies will be shipped from the 28th, and we plan to send out new batches of order emails every week. steam through valve

First come first serve

Now you may be asking yourself the question: “How are the invitations going?”. Well, it’s very simple: Players who booked their device first will also be presented. Valve has already claimed that “order notification emails will be sent as per the order of reservations”. So there is no withdrawal … As a reminder, the Steam Deck 64 GB model is sold at 419 euros, the 256 GB model is at 549 euros and the 512 GB model is at 679 euros.

good news ! To prevent speculators (who have their hands on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) from grabbing all the stock, Valve also announced that it will only be possible to purchase the reserved model, meaning that only one console per person will actually be sent.

Machine characteristics

If the Valve machine is very similar to the Nintendo Switch, note that its power remains much higher. Steam Deck is actually designed to run Steam games in the best possible conditions. So it will be possible to display video game productions in 8K at 60Hz and in 4K at 120Hz. Also note that not everything works on Windows, but on the home operating system, SteamOS 3.0.

The list of technical characteristics of the Steam Deck platform:

  • 7-inch IPS display (1280 x 800 pixels)
  • 64/256 or 512 GB of storage
  • 40Wh battery (2 to 8 hours of battery life)”
  • One USB-C port for charging
  • AMD RDNA 2 Graphics Card (1.0-1.6 GHz)”
  • AMD Zen 2 processor (2.4-3.5 GHz)”

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