Dangerous Pharaohs, Casey is out due to injury

Dangerous Pharaohs, Casey is out due to injury

Sinjar ship!

Incredible work for elephants feeding in front of the Egyptian roof! Siri finds Bibi in the penalty area and the Arsenal player skips with one touch! Sanjari, who is trying to recover Al-Ahlwani, finds Al-Shennawi countering!

Muhammad hit!

Once again Salah is found with his back to the goal and turns to fire young Mohamed. From a tight angle, the Egyptian striker hits a low ground but was sent in from a corner kick by Sangaré!

Salah is everywhere

The Liverpool striker struggles on the offensive front and sometimes turns into a No. 10, sometimes a winger and sometimes a striker. In short, it’s everywhere!

It’s over for Casey

Ivorian midfielder Frank Kessie had to give up his place after a thigh injury. He will try to survive but he can’t take it anymore and collapses to the ground for the third time. He was replaced by Serey Dié.

El-Shennawy intervenes in front of Haller

A very good flow of Pepe who settled on his left foot before crossing hard towards Haller! El-Shennawy interferes in front of the Ajax striker.

Baby Corner Ibn Modified

Corner kick for Ivory Coast won by Serge Aurier! Bibi shot but the ball recovered from the first post!

Kissi is touched

Frank Casey seems to be complaining about his hip but he would have injured himself. Central Milan, in discussion with Barcelona, ​​will resume his place.

Salah, what a follow up!

With this crossbar, the Egyptians immediately set foot on the ball! It combines well and there is salah in front of the roof. At the speed of light, Pharaoh tied the blow that he caught to a corner!

Crossbar for Egypt!

A very bad increase from Simon Daley and Marmoush regained the ball from afar! His strong hit crushes the bar! Big alert for Ivory Coast!

Always a lot of contact

Like Serge Aurier with Muhammad, the elephants and the pharaohs are in a fierce battle but the opportunities are not abundant!

Lots of technical waste

Both teams struggle to enforce a smooth game as it is riddled with technical bugs. No precipitation!

Yellow card for Billy!

The first yellow card in this match is for Simon Delle after a great one on Mohamed! Bailey was the one who made the mistake and the referee changed the addressee!

Serious condition on the surface

The first excess of Serge Aurier to enter the roof before falling on Fattouh’s shoulder! The referee does not hesitate!

buckets with legs

The first ball for Max Alan Gradel who raises two defenders and manages to reach the shooting position! It was just answered!

Already a lot of commitment

Both teams already know a lot of tough duels and the referee whistled twice in 3 minutes. Casey takes his chance from afar, but it’s out of the frame!

The start of the match Côte d’Ivoire – Egypt!

Let’s go to the round of 16 in the summit between Côte d’Ivoire and Egypt. The winner of this confrontation will meet with Morocco in the next round!

Egypt is less powerful than Ivory Coast?

The Egyptians managed to recover in Group D, after their first loss to Nigeria (0-1). Thanks to Mohamed Salah, the Pharaohs got rid of Guinea-Bissau (1-0) before qualifying against Sudan (1-0). It will be difficult for the Egyptians at noon today, who failed at this level on their soil 3 years ago.

Ivorians impress them

Côte d’Ivoire took first place in Group E, which included competition holders Algeria. The winner of the opening match against Equatorial Guinea (1-0), Elephants tied with Sierra Leone in extra time (2-2). The Ivorians crushed and eliminated the Algerians (3-1).

config egypt

Le XI de l’Egypte : El-Shenawy – Kamal, Hegazi, Abdelmonem, Fotouh – Elneny, El-Soleya, Fathi – Salah, Mohamed, Marmoush

Ivory Coast formation

Same offensive line as Gradel Haller Pepe since the start of the competition, Côte d’Ivoire looks great.


Badra – Aurier (C), Billy, Deeley, Conan – Casey, Siri, Sangari – Baby, Haller, Gradel.

Morocco dreams of being crowned

Malawi winner (2-1) in the round of 16, Morocco coach begins to dream

Ivory Coast advantage?

Ivory Coast entered this confrontation unbeaten after taking the lead in its group with Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone and Algeria. The Ivorians ended with two victories and a draw.

Egypt ranked second behind Nigeria. Barawn lost to the Super Eagles (1-0), before winning the next two matches against Guinea-Bissau (1-0) and Sudan (1-0).

On which channel to watch the match

The shock will be broadcast on beIN Sports and will be followed live on RMC and of course here in the live commentary.

Good morning all!

Welcome to a live broadcast to follow the confrontation between Côte d’Ivoire and Egypt in the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations (5 pm), in Douala. The winner will face Morocco, which defeated Malawi (2-1) in the quarter-finals.

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