Avengers 3 by The Eternals Explained: Why Doctor Strange allowed Thanos to win

Avengers 3 by The Eternals Explained: Why Doctor Strange allowed Thanos to win

Marines Guilhermier

Marines Guilhermier


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In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange deliberately allows Thanos to wipe out half the universe. If his decision is explained in the movie and its sequel, Endgame, a new theory has surfaced on the web since the release of the Eternals.

As we know, all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are related. And even The Eternals, which was released last year, and features a host of new characters never seen on screen, may be more related than you might think.

Recently, a Reddit user, Lucky 111, his interesting theory about Doctor Strange. According to him, the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch would have allowed Thanos to carry out his plan to wipe out half of the universe by giving him a time stone because in 14000605 a possible future he saw thanks to his power, he knew an apparition was coming. An event that lies at the heart of the plot of The Eternals and is even more horrific than Thanos.

In fact, the appearance corresponds to the birth of a celestial being on a planet with a very large population. In the movie Chloé Zhao, Tiamut is pinned at the center of the Earth and his awakening threatens to tear the entire planet apart and thus destroy all of humanity. What prevents the Eternals team, inspired in particular by the Avengers and their fierce battle against Thanos.

Secret motive?

According to the theory shared on Reddit, Doctor Strange wouldn’t allow his friends to defeat Mad Titan in Infinity War because if his finger snap hadn’t occurred, the reappearance would have been quick and wouldn’t necessarily be stopped by those. Protected by Ajak (Salma Hayek). The sorcerer’s supreme goal was to fend off the apparition and prove to eternity that the blue planet deserved salvation and that they needed to betray Arishem, the celestial whose orders they had been following until then.

Separately, another theory arose from the 26th MCU movie. Some fans are convinced that Thanos, being an Eternal, his brother Starfox appeared in the post-credits scene of the feature film, and was also aware of the upcoming appearance. And that he wanted to wipe out half of the Earth’s population, once again, to prevent this event that would have killed everyone completely.

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