‘Almost’, ‘Adieu Paris’, ‘Les promises’… Movies to watch (or avoid)

Before moving on to the new releases of the week in Darkrooms, there’s a point in the box office results. phenomenon Spider Man It just spent its sixth week at the top of admissions with nearly 6.7 million spectators… Worldwide, we’ve hit $1.7 billion in revenue: it’s the sixth biggest hit in the entire history of cinema. Tom Holland, who now plays Spider-Man, wanted to take a vacation and take a break: I’m not sure we’ll let him pack his bags at Marvel!

New aspects: nightmare alley The last Guillermo Del Toro starts around 160,000 and Love is better than life Claude Lelouch is just over 100,000. Real performance is still fromGoodbye, Mr. Haveman Which passes 430,000 in 15 days.

Among the 14 films shown on our screens, let’s start with a favorite: approx Directed by Bernard Campan and Alexandre Julien. The story of a double encounter: in life and in front of the camera. Fifteen years have passed since the two met. The anonymous Kampan who bears his name dearly and Julen the philosopher and writer is handicapped from birth. Friendly love at first sight is today a movie duo in this movie that they wrote together and talks about the difference and the looks of others…

Imagine Louis, the Undertaker on his chest-chested way to bring a coffin to Switzerland, forced to share the same route with Igor, a delivery man on a bicycle he demolished. An unlikely tandem that will learn to discover each other and confront preconceptions. It is simple, beautiful, solar, funny and touching.

Another movie for the first time in theaters, fine young girlAnd Directed by an actress we know well: Sandrine Kiberlin. The actress starts off with a movie that is quite luminous even if its subject matter is dark. The story of Irene, a 19-year-old girl, who learns theater and experiences her first love in complete neglect… Except that we are in 1942 in Paris and Irene is a French Jew. Nazi insanity and Vichy’s complicity would change his fate. Fantastic theatrical, modern writing, great staff, especially Rebecca Mardier, the wonderful resident of the Comédie Française. fine young girl It is a true success and Sandrine Kiberlin’s prediction of more than promising beginnings, from a story that reminds us that the worst is always an option even when life seems peaceful.

bye parisDirector Edward Baer’s new film brings together eight former glories of arts and culture at a brasserie. A study of ego, nostalgia, time and transient fashion. The Crazy Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Ardetti, Benoit Boelforde, François Damien, Bernard Le Coc, Bernard Murat, Daniel Prevost, Jackie Peroire, Jean-François Steffen, but also Lea Drucker, Isabel Nante or Ludivine Sagnier…Bayer’s messy style, His hair, his madness as if on a lyrical flight over a put-o-view. It would have deserved more background, writing and framing to really tell us something…

Two films about the political world

Less than three months after the presidential election, politics will be on our screens this week. first in promises By Thomas Kreithof As Isabelle Huppert as Mayor of Seine-Saint-Denis, she decided not to run for a third term but was involved in a complex project to renovate an unhealthy city…but now we are proposing him to enter the government thanks to the cabinet reshuffle. What to do? Giving up all ambition? catching the Chane ? What upsets her calendar anyway as much as the job finally escapes her but she decides to get back into the fight, to represent herself at Town Hall to complete her project and take advantage of this political spotlight at the highest level. Country. A decision that makes the party shiver. Isabelle Hubert and Reda Kateb wearing this sexy promises.

Politics again with Municipal by Thomas Paulot or how the actor improvises himself as a candidate in the small town of Revin in the Ardennes, clearly disturbing the symbols, customs, and life of the city. It’s snappy, frustrating (by the way, it’s the ultimate in exercise), but a lot of fun to watch.

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