Depression, anorexia, control, hell said attorneys for plaintiff N.  Hurter

Depression, anorexia, control, hell said attorneys for plaintiff N. Hurter

Lawyers for N. Hurter to liberate their client’s long journey, which culminated, last December, in the conviction of Yannick Agnel for rape and sexual assault of a minor.

live n. Hurter is abroad since Yannick Agnil has been indicted for rape and sexual assault of a minor, far from his home country, France. Especially from the world of swimming that she wanted to stay away from at all costs, she was the one who dared not wear a swimsuit anymore. And for good reason, swimming is synonymous with aggression.

N did not decide. Hurter to file a complaint until 2020, after a “long journey”, according to the account given by his lawyers, in an interview with L’Equipe daily. It was working with a psychiatrist that enabled the plaintiff, after going through a phase of depression and anorexia, to file a complaint.

La reconnaissance by Yannick Agnel de “la matérialité des faits” a cependant été vécue comme “un premier soulagement”, bien qu’elle ne se sente pas prête pour autant à se confronter à son agresseur, “pas avant la fin de l’instruction ” In all cases. “If the facts constitute rape, it is because you are aware that there is a very significant difference in age between the alleged victim’s 13 years and Yannick Agnel’s 24 years,” the attorney general identified.

During the first kiss between Yannick Agnelle and One. Hurter, on December 31, 2015, the thirteen-year-old lived under the double influence of the French swimmer, who had packed his bags at Mulhouse fourteen months earlier.

“I was 13 years old, and I knew nothing of love”

“He’s there all the time, May Roulette, one of the plaintiff’s lawyers, describes to L’Équipe. Sometimes he’s the big brother, but sometimes the aggressor. There’s his hero status. There in addition to this place he occupies. In the family where we lunch together on Sundays, Laughing Together N. Horter was then unaware of his sexuality.

She is still a child, and not only at the level of civil status, as her lawyers recall: “She said this to the investigating judge when she was tested:” I, at that time, was 13 years old, knew nothing about sex and knew nothing about love, ” As reported by Me Wetterer.” So when Yannick Igneel takes my hand and tells me he’s going to make me find out all of it, he dives into the unknown.”

still n. Hurter is in the media shadows, and she does not wish to expose herself to the further suffering associated with the repercussions of this case, particularly on her family. The main thing for her is to turn the page so that the action takes its course.

Only n says, “That’s what was in my heart, what I was physically, whiterer reported. I complained about it because it had to be done, because it’s not a natural thing. Now I want it all to go as best it can.” Like 13, I didn’t know love or sex. At age 19, I don’t know anything about justice. I’m not saying at all that Yannick Agnel should be tied to a post and stoned. That’s what has to happen, that’s it.”

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