Revalorisation : Livret A, RSA, APL, ce qui vous attend en 2022

This is the schedule for the reassessment of benefits in 2022

Reassessment of aid and social minimums for the new year

As is the case every year, social benefits, aid and the social minimum are entitled to reassessment. This allows the people who benefit from these measures to follow the path of inflation. At least in the idea. We will discuss this in more detail in the next chapter.

Revaluations do not occur at the same time. They are confused between January and October. Each service has its exact history of scaling, allowing everyone to find their way around more easily. With the health crisis associated with COVID-19, this price increase is especially expected. Indeed, the economy has taken a serious hit lately, and it may seem difficult for the most humble families to keep their heads above sea level. This is the calendar for the major revaluations for 2022.

Minimum Growth Wage (SMIC): First Increase

Minimum Growth Salary, or SMIC, is a safety net for workers. In theory, it is prohibited to pay an employee less than this hourly wage. Many French people work for this social minimum, or earn barely higher wages. Thus, the reassessment of SMIC results in a reassessment of many salaries that have been attached to it. As of January 1, 2022. The minimum wage is now €10.57 per hour, compared to €10.48 last year, an increase of 0.9%.

The Solidarity Allowance for the Elderly (ASPA) and the Daily Allowance for Caregivers (AJPA), both indexed to the minimum wage, rose 1.1%, to €58.59.

Livret A: Change on February 1

Living A long was a good way to grow your savings, without risking too much. However, the rate of this is too low to be of any interest to the majority of French people. In 2020, his pay was 0.50%, which means absolutely nothing is mentioned. This year, the brochure is undergoing a good reassessment, reaching 1% of the pay. It’s still a few, but it’s still double what it used to be!

Reassessing Family Benefits on April 1st

Millions of French people are eagerly awaiting a reassessment of family benefits. Family allowances, Adult Disabled Allowance (AAH), Defined Solidarity Allowance (ASP), disability pension, activity bonus, or free choice of child care supplement and birth bonus all benefit from the new upwardly revised metrics. These have not been disclosed yet but will be indexed for inflation.

Unemployment Benefits on July 1st

As for unemployment benefits, it’s double or nothing! These are not necessarily indexed for inflation. We still do not know what the outcome of this year’s deliberations will be. A reassessment of unemployment benefits is scheduled for June during the Unédic board of directors. He follows…

Increase the value of housing assistance on the first of October

Everything goes up, even the rent! For the most humble of households, this can be a real headache ending with belt tightening. As is the case every year, a reassessment of housing assistance will allow beneficiaries to keep their heads above water. Personal housing allowances (APL), family housing allowance, and social housing allowance are not based on inflation, but on the rental reference index, or IRL. This indicator highlights the average prices and their evolution over the previous year. However, it will be necessary to wait a little longer before seeing a reassessment of this aid.

Reassessment of supplementary pension on November 1

The latest reassessment of the year concerns the supplementary pension for former private sector employees. Objeko told you about it a little while ago. In 2021, that was only 1%, which is well below inflation. This, of course, irritated the beneficiaries. So we will know in November whether the pension supplement has been delayed or not this year.

Rating higher than inflation?

According to our colleagues from Le Monde, the inflation rate in the eurozone has reached a record high of 5% in one year. Concretely, this means that Europeans are losing purchasing power. The only way to maintain the same standard of living is to have an equivalent increase in income. Let’s face it, that won’t be the case.

Of course, this rise in prices is largely due to the health crisis, which led to an economic crisis. In 2022 and 2023, many families will certainly have to tighten their belts. Let’s stay positive in spite of everything, with the hope that the next reappraisal metrics can get us all back on our feet!

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