The unrest was announced on January 27

The unrest was announced on January 27

SNCF and RATP strike: unrest announced on January 27

Multiply SNCF RATP. CGT and SUD-Rail unions are calling on SNCF and RATP agents to mobilize transport throughout the day Thursday, January 27, with the announcement of disruptions on Transilien, RER, TER, buses and trams in Paris and in the regions. Traffic forecast.

[Mis à jour le 25 janvier 2022 à 12h18] At the call of the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail unions, a joint strike movement was launched in the SNCF and RATP for a day of mobilization among professionals on January 27. In the Paris region, traffic disruptions to RER and Transilien have already been announced on the evening of Wednesday, January 26, and throughout Thursday, January 27, especially in RER A, RER B and Transiliens H, J and L for which we already know the disruptions in detail (see below).

This national strike has also caused disruptions to urban transportation in cities, affected by both striking drivers and road derailments associated with the demonstrations. In Paris, for example, a demonstration is set to set off from the Place de la Bastille at 2 p.m., affecting RATP buses and trains. The Nice tram network or the Grenoble transport were also affected. Here is the traffic forecast:

Transiliens and RER will experience traffic disruptions, particularly on Lines A and B. Some TER rates in the Normandy region experience traffic disruptions. On TGV and Intercités, no interruptions were announced. Here’s what we know about line-by-line predictions:

  • turbulence RER A : This Thursday, January 27, plan to average 3 trains out of 4. Interconnection will be maintained.
  • RER B . disorders This Thursday, January 27, plan for 1 out of 3 trains in the northern part of the line and 2 out of 3 trains in the southern part. A change of train is required at Gare du Nord.
  • RER C disorders: This Thursday, January 27, traffic is disrupted
  • Transilien . disorders :
  • H . line : Thursday, January 27, traffic is disrupted on the entire line. No train between Pontoise and Creel. Create an alternative bus service.
  • J-line Wednesday, January 26: Some trains between Paris Saint-Lazare and Ayrmont-Eaubonne and between Paris Saint-Lazare and Mantes-la-Jolie via Conflans-Saint-Honorine have been cancelled. Thursday January 27, traffic was disrupted.
  • L-line : On Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27, they reduce traffic on the entire line. Some trains are expected to be deleted. “Prepare for your flights from 5pm the day before by referring to the route calculator or by customizing your schedule”. For the Transilien network there is a dedicated platform to follow up on the following traffic disruptions or you can call 0805 90 36 35.
  • TGV . disorders : Announcing any disturbances.
  • TER . turbulence Toxic exposure values ​​in Normandy were affected by the January 17 strike. Paris – Argentina – Granville lines; Can Le Mans Tours; Caen-Granville-Rennes, Influenced by the Social Movement. “The revised transport plan applicable to all other lines has not been affected.” To keep track of general traffic disruptions of regional trains, this page will be useful.
  • Intercity turmoil : Announcing any disturbances. Check this page for real time information.
  • Metro Disruptions: No metro malfunctions have been reported. “Traffic will be almost normal over the entire network operated by RATP except for lines A and B of the RER,” the RATP website announced. Consult the RATP Information Bulletin to be informed of the metro’s movement in real time.
  • Bus disruptions: Ile-de-France’s bus network may be disrupted by demonstrations on Thursday 27 January, but nothing has been announced yet by the RATP (contact Transdev for more information). In Nice, the urban and semi-urban bus network of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis is disrupted (consult the relevant lines on the Lignes d’Azur website). In Grenoble, the TAG network was also disrupted on Thursday 27 January (More information about the tag). You should also check out Disruptions on the Tisséo network in Toulouse, on the Tip network in Rouen, on the Fil Bleu bus network in Tours.
  • Tram disturbances: No disturbance has been reported currently in the Paris region. In Nice, trams L1, L2 and L3 Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis will not operate on Thursday 27 January.

On Thursday, January 27, 2021, a strike is organized among professionals in all cities of France to demonstrate against “the increases in basic necessities, energy, food, and ultimately the cost of living for all and everyone, the young, the active, the job seekers and the retired”. A joint appeal was launched by the trade unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Fidl and MNL. In a press release published January 5, they want “professional mobilization around wages and employment” for Thursday to “[d’]They demand higher wages and defense of jobs and working conditions. Most civics teachers are in the game.

Traffic disturbances linked to SNCF strike begin Wednesday January 26th at 7pm And End Friday January 28 at 8 am In the morning. Announcing traffic disruptions on the RATP network From Wednesday, January 26 at 8 pm to Friday January 28 at 7 am.

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