The National Assembly votes on the return of 15 artworks

The National Assembly votes on the return of 15 artworks

Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot in front of a billboard

On Tuesday, January 25, the National Assembly voted unanimously on a bill to return 15 works of art, including a painting by Gustav Klimt and one by Marc Chagall, to the heirs of Jewish families plundered by the Nazis.

In the face of these rights holders, present at the exhibition, the Minister of Culture, Roslyn Bachelo, welcomed the text “Historical”, was ratified by applause by 97 votes. It must be finally adopted by the Senate on February 15.

was looting Denial of humanity [de ces familles juives]from their memories andThe minister stressed, in coordination with speakers from all political groups.

Among the 15 works Rose bushes under the trees, Gustav Klimt, preserved in the Musée d’Orsay, the only painting by the Austrian painter belonging to the French national collections. The state acquired it in 1980 from a dealer. Extensive research proved that it was owned by the Austrian Eleanor Stiasne, who sold it during a forced sale in Vienna in 1938, during the Anschluss, before being deported and murdered.

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Eleven drawings and waxes are preserved in the Louvre, the Orsay, and the Museum of the Castle of Compiegne, as well as a painting by Utrillo preserved in the Utrillo Valladon Museum (Crossroads in Sannois) are also part of the refunds provided.

A painting by Chagall entitled the father, kept at the Center Pompidou and entered into the national collections in 1988, was added. It was recognized as the property of David Synder, a Polish-Jewish musician and Loutier, who arrived in France in 1958.

100,000 jobs seized in France during the war

For 13 out of 15 businesses, beneficiaries were identified by the Commission for Pillage Victims Compensation (CIVS), which was established in 1999.

“It is the first time since the post-war period that the government has committed to a provision allowing the recovery of works from public collections” which was “Looted during World War II or acquired in turbulent conditions during the occupation due to anti-Semitic persecution”To Roslyn Bachelot.

About 100,000 artworks were confiscated in France during the 1939-1945 war, according to the Ministry of Culture. Sixty thousand goods were found in Germany in Tahrir and returned to France. Of these, 45,000 were returned to their owners between 1945 and 1950.

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About 2,200 were selected and entrusted to the National Museums (“MNR” works that can be returned by simple administrative decision) and the rest (about 13,000 pieces) were sold by the Estates Department in the early 1950s. And so they returned to the art market.

From left to right, parliamentarians welcomed a ‘correct work’ With these refunds, which should be “acceleration”. The minister said she supports an upcoming date “Framework Law” To allow this, with a note complexity of files.

Communist Elsa Vossilon insisted on the importance of “Look at the face of our history.” : that it “Retelling the past, at a time when some are reviewing it and trying to rehabilitate Vichy”She said, referring to the far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour.

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