Caesar 2022: Best Film, Best Actress, Best Hope... Find out the nominations!

Caesar 2022: Best Film, Best Actress, Best Hope… Find out the nominations!

Cesar’s 47th Gala will take place on February 25 in Olympia. An event chaired by screenwriter and director Daniel Thompson and hosted by Antoine de Cayons. Before knowing the results, search for candidates by category.

Screenwriter and Director Danielle Thompson will chair the 47th Cesar Gala on February 25, an unmissable event for French cinema.

Before you know who will succeed Farewell, you idiots! By Albert Dupontel in the Best Film category, discover the various nominees by category:

The official list of candidates … from Golfier Alizée

Best Actress

Laila Bakhti in Intracoil

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi in Gap

Laura Calamy in woman of the world

Virgin Evira in Benedita

Vicki Crips dancing hug me tight

Valerie Lemercier in a “Allen”

Leah Seydoux “France”

best actor

Damien Bonnard in Intracoil

Adam Driver Annette

Jill Lelouch in North Ferry

Vincent McCain in night doctor

Benoit Majmail in in his life

Bio Marmai Vi Gap

Pierre Nene in black box

Best Supporting Actress

Jane Ballbar in lost illusions

Cécile de France lost illusions

Isatou Diallo Sagna in Gap

Adele Exarchopoulos in lower jaw

Daniel Fishud V aline

Best Supporting Actor

Francois Seville in North Ferry

Xavier Dolan in lost illusions

Vincent Lacoste in lost illusions

Chloe’s Cream North Ferry

Sylvain Marcel in aline

Promising Actress

Nui Abita V meander

Salome Deuels in lost illusions

Agathe Russell in Titanium

Annamaria Vartolomei dancing the event

Lucia Chang Fei Olympiad

best male hope

Sandor Fontec Inn the superior

Sami Otlebali in A story of love and desire

Thimotée Robart in magnetism

Makita Samba Olympiad

Benjamin Voisin in lost illusions

Best Original Screenplay

Valérie Lemercier and Brigitte Buc for aline

Leos Carax, Ron Mail and Russell Mail for Annette

Jan Gozlan, Simon Mitro, and Nicolas Buffett to flee black box

Catherine Corsini, Lorette Pullmans, and Agnes Fauvre Gap

Arthur Harari and Vincent Pomero for Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Woods

best conditioning

Yael Langman and Evan Attal human things

Audrey Diwan and Marcia Romano the event

Xavier Giannoli and Jacques Fieschi for lost illusions

Celine Schiama, Leah Messis and Jacques Audiard Olympiad

Mathieu Amalric hug me tight

Best soundtrack

Ron Mail and Russell Mail for Annette

Clouds Russell for North Ferry

Philip Romby for black box

Ronnie’s Olympiad

Warren Ellis and Nick Cave for ounce

best sound

Olivier Movizin, Arnaud Rolland, Edward Morin and Daniel Sobrino for Allen

Zarwan Karzanit, Katja Botín, Maxence Dosser, Paul Heymans and Thomas Gooder for “Annnette”

Nicolas Provost, Nicolas Buffett Leferr and Mark Dawson for Black Boxes

François Moussi, Renaud Moussi and Didier Lozacík on Lost Illusions

Mathieu Decamps, Pierre Barrot and Samuel Aishoun for Les Magnétiques

Best picture

Caroline Champeter for Annette

Christoph Bokern lost illusions

Paul Gillhome Olympiad

Tom Harari for Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Woods

Robin Empains for Titanium

best montage

Nelly Cottier Annette

Simone Jacquet North Ferry

Valentine Veron black box

Frederic Belhich for Gap

Cyril Nakache for lost illusions

best fashion

Catherine Letterer for aline

Pascaline Chavanne for Annette

Madeleine Fontaine Tasty

Thierry Delettre on Eiffel

Pierre Jean Larroque for lost illusions

Best groups

Emmanuel Dobelli on aline

Florian Sanson Annette

Bertrand Seitz Tasty

Stefan Tillason for Eiffel

Ryton Dauber Clement for lost illusions

best achievement

Valerie Lemercier for aline

Leos Carax for Annette

Cedric Jimenez for North Ferry

Audrey Dewan the event

Xavier Giannoli for lost illusions

Arthur Harari for Onoda, 10,000 Nights in the Woods

Julia Docornau for Titanium

Best Short Feature Film

Giving by Julien Gaspard Oliveri

take off, by Saïd Hamich Benlarbi

good people by Maxime Roy

bad boys by Elie Gerard

black soldier by Jamie Laboral Tresori

Best Animated Short Film

It is currently being updated

Best Documentary Short Film

It is currently being updated

Best first movie

It is currently being updated

Best foreign movie

It is currently being updated

Best groups

It is currently being updated

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