New release promises some ‘unsustainable’ films

The meeting place offers fans of fantasy cinema a version filled with haunted villages, children with supernatural powers and evil rituals to forget the epidemic and its fears.

The meeting place for fans of great cinema, Gerrarmer (Vogue) Festival returns to theaters Wednesday for a version filled with haunted villages, children with supernatural powers and sinister rituals, that will make you forget about the pandemic and its fears.

“We are in a very painful period, and the fact of seeing films that take place in the unreal allows you to dream and come out of your reality,” Jury chairwoman, actress, producer and director Julie explains to AFP. purpose.

With other members of the jury including director Alexander Aja (the hills Have Eyes) or actress and director Valerie Donzelli, who will evaluate the ten films in competition.

eternal kind

Six male and four female directors are vying through Sunday to succeed Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg, who won the Grand Prix last year for Owner. Then the festival had to be held online, due to the health crisis. But this year, big suspense is guaranteed once again in theaters.

“A great festival is an eternal genre that offers a lot of freedom to creators,” festival director Bruno Bardi explains to AFP: “There are a lot of new countries interested in it, which also reflects the anxiety and anxiety that surrounds us.”

In total, about forty films from 17 countries will be presented. After American or Asian years, Europe is now the lion’s share of the choice, with only two American films and one picture in Taiwan in competition.


Spaniard Paco Plaza, known for the horror movie trilogy [Rec], will present Grandma, who blurs the boundaries of time and generations by shooting the camera between a young model and her grandmother, who lives with a severe disability in her apartment in Madrid.

Eskil Vogt . will suggest innocentFilm about children with supernatural powers. This Norwegian has been known as the great partner Joachim Trier since he co-wrote his films, including his latest comedy-drama. Julie (in 12 chapters)It was one of the most recent Cannes festival sensations.

American Shawn Ellis (Cashback) will present eight for silverFilmed in France, she explores a 19th-century rural village cursed. French director Arnaud Malherbe in a race with, ogrewhich imagines the mysterious events surrounding the arrival of a teacher and her son in a village in Morvan, starring actress Anna Girardot.

Some films promise to be “unsustainable” accepted by the organizers themselves, such as Sorrow Written by Canadian Rob Gabbaz, photographer in Taiwan, an “extreme horror” experience about a virus that turns humans into sadistic beings, presented as “on the edge of possibility”…


Will be checked out of competition After Blue (Paradise Sale), by Bertrand Mandeaux, jury member and Prix Louis-Delluc 2018 with wild boys, but also a documentary about Joe D’Amato, the director who died in 1999 known as The king of Italian porn, but they have also worked with Jean Renoir, Jean-Luc Godard or Franco Zeffirelli.

Diversity bears witness to the way fiction and literary genre have ended up instilling “in all of cinematography” in recent years, according to Julie Gayet. “The Genre Explodes” and is Now Fabulous “We See Authors Appear”, continues the person who “dreams” of shooting in Edgar Wright’s movie (Shawn of the dead) One of the festival guests.

She wants proof of that in the career of Julia Docorno, who co-produced her 2016 film dangerous. The young French director, winner of this thriller about cannibalism, won recognition last summer, at the Cannes Film Festival, when the head of the jury presented her with the Palme d’Or for Titanium, UFO and feminine.

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