Brompton, an amazing cult bike

Brompton, an amazing cult bike

Written by Eric Albert

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Fog covers the top of Big Ben, and wet piers cover London’s pier in the early hours of Sunday, January 16. On the steps of Trafalgar Square, while London is still largely asleep and snuggly under the quilt, a funny group poses for a souvenir photo. In front of each participant is a folded bicycle, painted in bright colors: red, green, yellow …

In the Brompton Store Museum, London, on January 11, 2022. Latest reference, the Model T, is made of titanium and carbon: it's the lightest bike ever produced.

Should they, those fans of Brompton, the brand of these exotic folding bikes, be over thirty to take a trip in the British capital, despite the bitter cold! Everyone showed great enthusiasm for these amazing machines, with their small wheels with a diameter of 40 cm, long curved frame and high straight handles. Brompton is a way of life, an object of worship., cheers Christopher Wong, a Malaysian business lawyer who has passed through London and who rented one of these courses during his stay. In his home in Kuala Lumpur, he owns four.

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Within ten years, this British brand has tripled its sales, reaching 70,000 bikes, with a turnover of 76 million pounds (91 million euros) during the current year from April 2020 to March 2021. The Covid-19 epidemic came to accelerate what was Really strong expansion. Brompton recruited two hundred people immediately after the first shutdown, doubling his workforce. The brand hopes to cross the 100,000 bikes mark in 2022, nearly double what were sold in 2019.

On a market scale, it is a niche product. In the UK alone, in fact, 3.3 million new bikes were purchased in 2020. However, the incredible enthusiasm surrounding Brompton and their manufacture entirely in England makes them a premium brand. The ambition he also shows: “In ten years, we will produce a million bikes a year.”Will Butler Adams, Managing Director. Brompton now dreams of being a popular British brand, like Minis or Burberry luxury apparel.

Inside the Brompton Factory Museum, January 11, 2022. Several models are on display in their folded position.  These are special editions made in collaboration with other brands.

“Produce something useful”

Only a third of its sales are in the UK. Another third (small) is manufactured in Europe, and a third (large) in the rest of the world, including 15% in China. In France, they’ve doubled in two years, to nearly 6,000 bikes since April 2021. The launch of the new model, in titanium and priced at 4,000 pounds each, on Wednesday, Jan. 19, looked like a luxury product launch. This will be sold exclusively in London, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Singapore, in a few hundred copies.

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