Être vacciné puis infecté procurerait une super immunité contre la Covid-19. © Bikej Barakus, Adobe Stock

When antibodies are much stronger in fighting the virus

Vaccination and then infection would provide an exceptional level of immunity called “super immunity”. What is it exactly? Do you also work in reverse, ie getting infected and then vaccinated? Futura measures the subject.

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Without infection at all, some people show antibodies that react to the SARS-CoV-2 protein. This relates particularly to children highly exposed to various seasonal viruses, and is suggestive of cross-immunity. Can we then hope that catching a good cold will protect us from Covid-19 infection?

L ‘immunity It is our body’s ability to fight off pathogens. A body is said to be immune if it is able to fight off a virus or bacteria when infected. Vaccines allow the body to confront a trap of pathogens to teach it how to defend itself. Thus, he will be able to respond when confronted with the virus in reality. In case COVID-19The body’s response to the virus appears to increase tenfold when it actually detects it after vaccination. Good news in the current context, as the World Health Organization expects half of Europeans to be infected Omicron by mid-March.

They were vaccinated and then contaminated…

The concept of “super-immunity” was first mentioned in a study published in gamma network On December 16, 2021, comparing the immunity of vaccinated and then infected people SARS-CoV-2 To people who have been vaccinated but have never had the virus. The first group of people was the rateantibody Amazing, 1000 and even 2000% more than the second group. The most interesting, that antibody People from the first group (vaccinated and then contaminated) had greater abilities to neutralize different variants of the virus than the second group.

… but also contaminated and then vaccinated!

A new study was recently published in the journal ImmunologyAnd This time he focused on the immunity of the infected and then vaccinated them. The study showed that the immunity conferred by infection Corona Virus followed by vaccination or post-infection with the virus provides the same level of protection against re-infection with SARS-CoV-2.

In both cases, the level of immunity to the virus is very high. In fact, the level of antibodies conferred by one or the other of the scenarios is at least 10 times higher than that observed in people who benefited from the vaccination but were never infected. In either case, the antibodies are not only present in large quantities, but they are much more powerful at fighting the virus. Here, too, the authors talk about “super immunity”. This study was conducted beforeAppearance of from the Omicron variant, but several elements lead to the belief that these results are also valid for this type of coronavirus.

Should we then seek post-vaccination contamination to obtain this superior immunity? of course not ! Being voluntarily infected with Covid-19 means putting yourself at risk of contracting a dangerous form or contracting the disease Covid-19 long Inability to function normally for several months. Catching Covid-19 voluntarily also means encouraging the circulation and emergence of the virus new variables, potentially more dangerous.

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