My Hero Academia World Heroes quest: Where does the movie fall in the animation timeline?  Cinema news

My Hero Academia World Heroes quest: Where does the movie fall in the animation timeline? Cinema news

Six months later from Japan, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission has finally arrived in French cinemas! But then, what is its position in relation to mobile adaptation?

we are here ! Five months after being left on the DNA platform, you can find the future heroes of My Hero Academia in cinemas tomorrow. After the resounding success of Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, a new movie titled Mission of the World Champions will be shown in French cinemas.

On this occasion, the characters created by mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi are distributed in different countries, in search of bombs deposited by Humanize, a terrorist group convinced that the changes are a threat to humanity. But where does this event occur in terms of mobile adaptation?

Like its predecessors, World Heroes’ Mission is more of a fan-service movie than a Canon movie. However, it is important to read the majority of the work and/or watch a good portion of the series to fully understand the course and story issues. And for good reason, the plot takes place during the arc at Endeavor Agency, the equivalent of volume 25 of the manga and half of Season 5 on the anime side.

Indeed, during an apprenticeship with the first superhero, our trio of heroes, Midoriya, Bakugou and Shoto, find themselves called to the task of dismantling humanity and its believers.

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Shoto, Bakugou and Midoriya at Endeavor.

Rumors also assume that it was this movie that rocked the anime chronology in Season 5. This arc could have flipped with that of the villains to stick with a Japanese cinema release, thus facilitating a good understanding. Spectators scenario.

A small teaser was noticeably inserted into the anime on the occasion of stuffing “Reunion with Silky” aired on July 17, 2021, three weeks before the film hits Japanese theaters.

During this 104th episode, the characters Ochako and Tsuyuu team up with professional hero Selkie, attempting to intercept an unidentified ship, and towing a suspicious cargo. After the arrest, we learn that the carrier was headed to the fictional country of Otheon to fetch Trigger’s drug there, allowing the changes to power up exponentially.

This information, apparently Lambda, however turns out to be the rules of the playing field suggested by the World Champions mission set mainly in Othion, and includes trigger-form bombs.

And if despite these small clues, we thought it was a coincidence, the post-credits scene of the episode confirms that this stuffing It was meant to thrill the movie for us. We discover a man with blue skin, in the heart of what looks like a chapel. Somewhat upset that his shipment could not be delivered, but says he “Required quantityAnd be prepared toDelivering salvation to mankind“.

This all-new character is revealed to be Flect Turn, the leader of the Humanize group and the main person of the World Heroes Mission.


First appearance of Flect Turn.

So, you will have understood, to be fully informed when watching this third opus, it is best to read the manga right up to the arc dedicated to the education of our students at Endeavor (Chapters 241-252), or follow the anime until this famous episode stuffing (The sixteenth of the fifth season).

And if not yet, you can find the entire series on the DNA platform and the first 30 paperback volumes in the Ki-oon editions.

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