Sophie Davant "shocked" by the death of her mother, the drama of her life

Sophie Davant “shocked” by the death of her mother, the drama of her life

On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, viewers will be able to find Sophie Davant in the controls of the special, “Affaire Goes Back in Time” on France 2. Jovial, the presenter of the main channel has nevertheless faced many difficulties, including a painful case Especially: the sudden death of her mother when she was young.

She has worked for many years in the tricolor small screen and presenting “Affaire Conclue” on France 2 since 2017. Sophie Davant is a famous figure who has made a place for herself in the hearts of the French. Building on her success, she launched her own magazine “S Le Magazine de Sophie”, aimed at women over the age of 45. Objective: to address many topics. As she did for a long time on the France 2 program, “A Whole Story”, while she herself lived a real tragedy: the death of her mother.

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Advertising shock

Born in Bordeaux in 1963, Sophie Davant was raised in a family of scientists. His father, Pierre Davant, is an ornithologist and researcher. His mother, Nicole, is an executive at CNRS. “My mother was someone I admired a lot, and at first she was a gorgeous, kind of Kim Novak, tall, blonde, blue-eyed, luscious, physically unrelated to me,” the host gave in 2020 on the set of “Daily” on TMC. As a child, Sophie Davant had a “sacred personality”, which was not always calmed by her sometimes explosive relationship with her mother: “We often argued with my mother, I spent my time asking questions (…) and needed to oppose myself to build myself ” . In 1983, when Sophie Davant was only 20 years old, her life changed dramatically: her mother learned that she had breast cancer at the age of 44. A diagnosis suddenly falls out during an appointment with a specialist. In her book All That Binds Us, Sophie Davant recalls her mother’s words when the diagnosis was announced: “I’m troubled, that’s what he said to me, I’m going to need you.” Nicole is surprised, helpless, finds no “motivation to keep fighting”: “My mother gave up and decided to refuse the following planned treatments.”

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But Sophie Davant, who is only 20 years old, shows great maturity in the face of the situation: “It wasn’t about standing in front of her, she was counting on my strength and support. I swallowed my tears and I could and went to my best friend’s house where I let myself go in my great grief. , and imagining the horrible months ahead. Years later, the anchor spoke of her displeasure with the doctor who announced the diagnosis to her mother, denouncing her “strength” and her “lack of empathy and psychology.” She wrote in her book that “this abhorrent way of expressing her diagnosis likely contributed to the shortened survival time.” Her mother is alive. Six months later, she disappeared.” The brutal and devastating disappearance of Sophie Davant, captivated in 2017 in the columns of Nous Deux: “When she disappeared, I could not imagine surviving her, because she was the most important being in my life. my life. since childhood. I always worried as soon as she got away from me, as if I felt she was going to be snatched from me prematurely.”

‘I’ve suffered so hard’

The pain is immense for young Sophie Davant, who was then at the dawn of her life as a girl. He has to deploy energy treasures so that he does not drown and follow his own path. In 1985, two years after her mother’s death, she entered the Institute of Journalism in Bordeaux where she trained for six months. The beginnings of a thriving career in television. On the private side, Sophie Davant married journalist Pierre Slade. From this union Nicholas was born in 1993 and Valentine in 1995. A balance is found for the host who, deep down, is still healing her wounds. “My mother’s disappearance was a pivotal moment in my life. I suffered so badly from my mother’s lack of participation in the pregnancy, the birth of my children. I had so cruelly missed her presence,” she wrote in her 2009 book, Beyond, Growing After Loss.

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At the same time, Sophie Davant is successfully leading her career as a host. She broke up in 2012, while her popularity on the small screen only increased. So many events during which she suffered cruelly from her mother’s lack of silence, and re-filmed the last moments with her: “I’ve missed her throughout my life. I’ve never had the possibility to share with her” doubts, great moments, my pregnancy, my birth, my love stories, my successes, my failures . […] I was never able to have a calm and peaceful dialogue with her by daring to imagine her ending and a future without her. We were living in denial that his death was imminent. I felt deprived of his last lucid moments,” Sophie Davant stated in the Version Femina columns.

Long and difficult reconstruction

In mourning, Sophie Davant says it took “more than 20 years” to do so. ‘Shocked at the absence’ of her mother, the longtime lead presenter of France Télévisions faces many devastating emotions. He will have to face them to learn from them.I think being on my own freed me and allowed me to be myself. I wasn’t so happy seeing my family break up that I decided to go to journalism school. Even today, I feel like I’m living two lives at once, my life and the life my mother never lived.”

Having become the star the French know so well, Sophie Daphant is now working to solidify the memory of her mother, who often left too soon. “I think she’d probably be proud. She’s always told me to be financially independent, not to depend on anyone and to be able to choose my life.” Over the past few years, Sophie Davant has put her notoriety at the service of causes close to her heart. She co-presented the Telethon every year and made a promise to herself, from the day her mother was suddenly diagnosed with cancer: “Later denouncing the weaknesses in the psychological approach of some practitioners who don’t think only in terms of the efficacy of treatments and forget that they are human”…

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