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On its 30th anniversary, Disneyland Paris announces the opening of the Avengers campus and other new features!

Disneyland Paris reveals the program of its celebrations. Thirtieth anniversary under the sign of light and modernity.

The Marne La Vallée garden is about to celebrate a special year. Opened on April 12, 1992, EuroDisney aims to solidify the company’s position in Europe, and become the reference destination on the Old Continent. If the garden has experienced financial fluctuations, it must be admitted that success is rather there. Every year, no less than 9 million visitors that pass through the two garden gates. Disneyland Paris, the name given to the complex in 2009, is today The number 1 destination in Europe.

March 6, 2022The amusement park celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. An event that Mickey wants to celebrate with great fanfare with new shows. It is mainly located around the legendary castle sleeping Beauty The magic will happen. Just renovated, the imposing building will become the stage for an entirely new show, in new costumes, on the theme of holograms and music. Designer Stella McCartney has created a trouser suit for Mini, a first in the celebrity’s history.

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But this show will not only be visual, the teams have also worked on a new musical theme, which will pay tribute to different characters and universes. New song called “world shines” will be in the program. During its webinar, which took place this Tuesday, January 25, Disney shared some notes on the facade that will run every day in 2022. Spectators will be able to discover the expected pre-show on the castle using drones. The first Disney world, but a process already in use in the Fendi Park in Puys de Faux.

The taste buds are in turmoil

This anniversary will also invest in visitor boards. For the occasion, the food and beverage teams at Disneyland Paris have developed a new dessert. Tartlets, cabbage, mille-feuille to be served at various points of sale in the garden. The chefs hope to sell between 100 and 200 plates a day in the early months of the celebration.

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Superheroes galore

A few months after opening its House of Ideas hotel, Disneyland Paris announced the imminent opening of its Avengers Campus. During the summer of 2022, park visitors will be able to discover new attractions and restaurants dedicated to many of the characters from the Marvel stable. Among other things, expect a Spider-Man attraction as well as an experimental Ant-Man-style culinary restaurant.

The Rock’n Roller Coaster, the park’s legendary attraction, will be given a makeover and sporty in Iron Man’s colors. It will be a matter of honoring the character with new decorations and new music, on the other hand, the rotation and repetition will remain the same. These novelties are all part of the huge Disneyland Paris development project, which the company announced several years ago. David Duffy, Vice President of Entertainment at Disney announced: “A very immersive and fantastic environment, with all the characters you love.”

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Celebration affected by covid

During a question-and-answer session, Duffy also returned to the impact that the pandemic had on the development and start of these festivities. Covid has had an impact on our entire lives. Throughout the process, the safety of our teams and visitors has been at the heart of the project. This obviously had an impact on creativity and logistical problems. We had to get creative with the fabrics and materials we used.” It remains to be hoped that the health situation improves in the coming months, so that Disney can organize this event under better auspices.

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