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Three months before the presidential election, Action Logement is still confident in its future

It is a unique economic-political organism. A joint organization managed by unions and employers. The employer of 18,000 employees operates in 51 subsidiaries in mainland France and abroad. Since 1953, Action Logement has made clear corporate needs and employee requirements thanks to employers’ involvement in the construction effort: PEEC.

Chicken with golden eggs desired by public authorities

Created by the social partners to respond to employees’ housing difficulties, the previous 1% emerged from five years of turbulent relations with the state. The group was the subject of five reports (National Agency for Supervision of Social Housing, State Audit Institution, General Inspectorate of Financial Affairs and Medef). Plus two government officers totaling 2.4 billion euros, including 1 billion for the France Relance plan.

“A new tax on the state would destabilize Action Logement and its mission with employees,” Bruno Arcadipane

By launching a 9 billion investment plan in 2019 to facilitate housing production, improve the comfort of existing housing and enhance mobility in their nearly 1 million housing stock, Action Logement has become a chicken with a golden egg, to which the public authorities covet. The organization, for example, is a stakeholder in ” a challenge “ Ministerial to build 250,000 social housing units by the end of 2022.

Build 250,000 social housing units by the end of 2022, and this bet risks not being taken

After receiving 42,000 building permits issued by department managers in 2021, the former 1% Logement claims, on January 19, 33625 approval for 2022. It already owns about 20% of the social heritage, and Action Logement claims to implement each year more than 30% of the production of new real estate.

Last year, the organization announced that it had started 34,000 housing units, carried out 30,400 rehabilitations, secured 14,913 intermediate housing construction commitments, and developed 3,100 housing units for social access to ownership.

“I am confident of the future”

asked by exhibition On the future of Action Logement after this five-year term, the Chairman of the Board, Bruno Arcadipan, confirmed first “Do not do politics.”

“What is the point of stopping, stopping or even attacking the leading manufacturer in France, which supplies a third of production and which funds social housing cooperatives, public housing offices and social housing enterprises?” Then Bruno Arcadipan added.

“I am confident of the future” He ended up giving up on the person who also held the position of Chief Medef Grand-Est.

A word shared by its Vice-President Philippe Legrand, who is also the Chair (CFDT) of the Employment Committee of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Ile-de-France (Ceser IDF): “The results are in the service of companies and territories.”

Too early to evaluate

On the other hand, it seems too early to assess the five-year agreement 2018-2022 signed between the state and Action Logement on November 21, 2017 and has been amended several times since then. “The social partners will evaluate the recommendations and act on them – it is too early to say which ones”, swept the chairman of the board.

Only the Political Steering Committee, which was set up in mid-July to improve the management of the previous 1%, was “institutional” At the last board meeting at the end of 2021.

“Things are underway but it’s too early to give key directions”, Once again, Bruno kicked Arcadipan.

“We will have the opportunity to return to him”, Pledge.

A third report from the Audit Bureau in 2023?

Unlike a board of directors that works on operational issues, a policy steering committee will deal with strategic issues during discussions with the state. In other words, the consensual character who will be chosen by all stakeholders to head this structure will have a lot to do.

While waiting for white smoke, Action Logement has already accepted the government’s request to form a committee of partners and assign an outside figure to head the ethics committee.

Especially since the Court of Audit, which has already published two reports on the joint body, warned the last of them in the fall of 2021. Cambon Street judges do not rule out “Create a new one and submit it to the House of Representatives in 2023”.

That means the National Assembly’s renewal speech after the legislative elections in the summer of 2022 and the reconstituted Senate after the Senate elections in the fall of 2023. All after the presidential election.

Reviewing the registration reform of procedures and correcting them by the Audit Bureau