Paris Saint-Germain women: mentally exhausted, goalkeeper Stephanie Lappi stopped her career during the season

Paris Saint-Germain women: mentally exhausted, goalkeeper Stephanie Lappi stopped her career during the season

It’s the first. For reasons mainly related to her mental health, Canadian goalkeeper Stephanie Lappe retired from the sport during the season after her contract with Paris Saint-Germain was terminated. This continues until next June. He had signed last August when I played last year in Sweden. The 2021 Olympic champion, 35, wants to give another direction to her life in order to maintain her mental health. And it’s a topic that I already talked about last fall, about the return of the Olympic title that Tokyo (Japan) won with Canada.

After several months spent at Paris Saint-Germain, the club in which she shared the first goalkeeper position with Czech Barbora Votikova, Stephanie Lappe wants to move away from the football fields. On her return from winter break, she contacted the Parisian administration to announce her intentions. Canadian Ulrich Ramy, general manager of the women’s department, explained the reasons for her choice, guided by great mental erosion. Affected by Covid-19 just before winter, Labbé went on vacation to Canada. Time to reflect with loved ones, and in particular his companion, cyclist Georgia Semmerling, 2016 Olympic medalist in Rio (Brazil).

The decision somewhat upsets PSG, who are losing a high-profile goalkeeper by the end of the season. Lappé was named one of the finalists for the 2021 FIFA Cup Finals. But the club also wanted to support her as best they could in this early retirement. The early termination of the contract had yet to be initialed by all parties involved, until the contract of Jean-Claude Blanc, deputy general manager of the capital club. In a more than five-minute video posted on Wednesday night, Stephanie Labe formalized her decision. With her entourage, she had already prepared these ads for her various social networks. The press conference should see the light of day in the company of the Canadian media.

Until Tuesday evening, Stephanie Labbe posted on her networks a mysterious message indicating that an important decision would be made soon. But with PSG, nothing has been revealed about such a surprising choice. She played six matches, three in the first division and three in the Champions League, without conceding a goal. With Barbora Votikova and German Charlotte Faul, the competition was healthy within the capital club. But in reality, Stephanie Labbe decided to turn it all off due to her personal mental wear. “Football has caused some of the darkest moments in my life,” she said with tears in her eyes in the video posted on Wednesday.

In the fall, I spoke at length on Fifpro, the international association of soccer players and soccer players. She explained that during the games she sympathized with American Simone Biles, gymnast, and Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, two leading athletes on the topic of mental health. And despite winning the Olympic medal in Tokyo, she could not find happiness: “When the final whistle blew and we won the gold medal, I expected great relief, but no, nothing … No matter how much I wanted to relax and celebrate with my teammates, I did not I could come down from that waking state, and I spent 48 hours after the end lying in a dark room.”

In 2012, Stephanie Lappe had already taken a break from her international career. I watched the Canadians win the bronze medal at the London Games. « Dès que je me suis engagée à faire cette pause, j’ai ressenti un immense soulagement d’avoir pu choisir de me retirer d’un environnement qui n’était pas sain pour mon état mental», détaille-t-elle ce active. Labbé is finally back to collect another bronze in Rio in 2016, and thus, this gold in Tokyo. Today, with PSG or Canada, the goalkeeper prefers not to be tempted by fate and stop everything. Meet in another way.

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