Le joueur de Rouen, Jordan Michallet, est décédé à 29 ans. L

Football. Jordan Michallet (Rowan) dies: ‘You’ve fallen, it’s a big mess…’

Rowan player Jordan Michelet passed away at the age of 29.  The suicide hypothesis is preferred.
Rowan player Jordan Michelet passed away at the age of 29. The suicide hypothesis is preferred. (© Icon Sport)

“Horrible. Terrible! My first thoughts are with his family, club and all his old buddies. It is a real shock.” At the end of the line, the feeling is clear in Sylvain Beguen. In 2013, he was part of the coaching duo in Grenoble that launched the youth Jordan Michallet, then 20 years.

Tuesday January 18, 2022 last is tragically died At the age of 29, a world sank Football In deep sadness. The public prosecutor in Rouen confirmed withFrance Press agency that hypothesis a suicide It was the franchisor, as the RNR player was found dead under a building under construction.

Trained in Voiron, champion of France Reichels

A conservative boy by nature, Jordan Michel has trained on the side voiron (Esir), before its accession Grenoble In 2007. He came from the 93rd generation with gold, and was one of the leaders of this double group French champion Reichels (2013 and 2014).

“He was a determined boy and was easy to train. He was asking himself the right questions,” he tells us Sylvain Begon. On August 24, 2013, Jordan lost, starting his first in his top 14 match against Custer (34-6 defeat). “He was a nice boy, he always listened to the big guys. He was part of that generation that still listened to the little older ones. With Alexandre Dardet or Lilian Saseras or Clément Gelin, they were called in to take charge at FCG. Jordan was full of qualities. Local producer. additionally pure” Jonathan Best, with whom he played for two years at FCG.

Begon: “He had everything in a real rugby player”

Everyone agrees on one point: the “kindness” of the boy. “And a talented player,” Best adds. “But he had a little mistrust of his qualities,” he continues. “He was easy to train, he was able to make sacrifices and climb towers. He had everything from a real rugby player,” recalls Sylvain Begon.

After Grenoble, he wore colors Burgoyne, and then Strasbourg At Federal 1, before signing on Rawan In the summer of 2018, Best recounts: “He recovered well after leaving Grenoble, with a particularly good performance in Rouen.” “Yes, he has had a difficult journey, going through Federal 1, and I believe that tragedy occurred at the time of his career when he was very comfortable. He began to master all the requirements of his position,” says Begon.

He had just married and expanded in Ruan

This season, Michele has been going strong. Aligned 16 times (pregnant 13 times), was at 6e Ranking of the best managers Pro D2 (157 points). The opening also came from Extends with RNR until 2025. Recently married, future father, nothing portends such a tragedy.

“It reminds me of the sad fate of Xavier Cambres (former winger of Grenoble, found dead at the foot of a cliff on the heights of Aix-les-Bains in 2015, Ed). If Jordan ends his life, it means he was in pain. That’s sad. He must. Being violent when you can’t realize that person’s annoyance and can’t help them,” sighs Jonathan Best. “I’m sad. We don’t have many explanations. It’s a big mess…” says Sylvain Begon.

Two players called from Rouen, not wanting to speak. We can only share their pain. Necessarily in shock, Roan’s staff and staff decided to continue the match against Carcassonne. And he played in memory of Jordan Mishalt. This Friday, January 21, it’s going to be heavy at Robert Duchon. A minute of applause will be devoted to him, and RNR has decided to donate the entire recipe to Jordan’s family.

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