Star Wars in the depths of Sarlacc?

Star Wars in the depths of Sarlacc?

After a third hallucinatory episode of invalidation, boba fett book Will he succeed in saving himself from the abyss in which Star Wars is embarking?

Warning: minor spoilers.

Le Livre de Boba Fett: Photo, Timoira Morrison“You will be Wit again…”

Banta droppings

“Without my shield, I’m less intimidating.”. This purposeful response in and of itself can sum up a failure boba fett bookAnd his weak attempt to give the essence of the universe icon star Wars Especially adored for its attractive design and silence. Despite the huge toy chest at Lucasfilm’s disposal, its exploration looked promising The MandalorianIt’s pretty tragic to see the franchise immediately fall back into its comfort zone, trying to spread a backstory that would have been better kept simple over a lot of bread.

The upshot is that, after a third disastrous incident, the film’s sequel certainly brings the case down. If Robert Rodriguez’s absence in production allows at least minimal resistance in terms of production, Kevin Tancharoen’s dismissal (particularly known for working on it) Shield Agents where flash) has nothing to do but close the loop, and Definitively clarify the last gray areas of its chronology.

Boba Fett Book: The Picture, Ming Na Win, Timuera MorrisonA little bit not very feasible (but in real life that’s okay)

The encounter between Bubba and Funk Shand, the rescue of the latter, the alliance of the two heroes and the miserable return of the first slave, all these events follow each other without the slightest bit of rhythm or energy, like the accumulation of soulless vignettes ever more diverting star Wars In a dusty and deadly museum. For a world whose universality has been welcomed for nearly fifty years, the creation of George Lucas comes here melancholy phase: ephemeral phase.

While the distant, always distant galaxy spurred its perpetual expansion, boba fett book He no longer has the desire to invent, but only to fill in the gaps like the Wookiepedia page. naturally, Solo: A Star Wars Story I’ve been there before, but the latest Disney+ series is horrifying evidence that the franchise no longer keeps some life-saving stuff offscreen, He turned into simple porn because he.

Boba Fett Book: The PictureIf you look far into the abyss, the abyss looks at you too

retirement bonus

It is a pity that on the contrary The Mandalorian I did everything to open up the field of possibilities, albeit only on a technological level. With its famous size, this studio is filled with LED screens on which the coolest collections can be displayed, Lucasfilm star Wars in another dimension. However, using the same tools, the story and theater boba fett book Seems to close this new window flattening scenography Unable to build its depth, fading lines, and relationships on a grand scale.

That way, Teemoira Morrison doesn’t have much to do, except ramble on his own, in the midst of adventures that seem to be making fun of him ASAP (particularly during the sequence La Penny Hill vs a Little Robot). The arrival of Feng Shand (Ming Na Wen, who gives everything) in flashbacks has at least the advantage of being somewhat revitalizing. The big secret scene of this episode. Let’s just say that makes you wonder how Boba, by comparison, could become a legend among bounty hunters…

Boba Fett Book: The Picture, Timuera Morrison, Ming Na WinLike wallpaper… all flat

However, it’s not as if the series didn’t have some faint desire for novelties, as evidenced by the beginning of this fourth chapter, where Bubba saves Funk’s life by bringing him to the remastered workshop. A clever combination between a doctor’s office and a garage for cyberpunk mechanics. Yes star Wars It has always been a world of unwanted tech, rust and aging, Relationship with transhumanism It still has an enormous leeway, which is somewhat explored here. However, this meant avoiding fueling the scene in a freaky montage of a techno supermarket.

For the rest, this Episode 4 continues its grueling journey on autopilot, making the poor author of these lines sleep a little more each week. Instead of shaping the legendary journey of its hero, boba fett book They prefer to drag their feet, and All narrative coherence obliterated on the altar of easy fan service, moreover, from the choice of the clear image of an acoustic charge being pushed down Sarlacc’s throat. Here we are crammed like geese, simply waiting for the many surprises that the series promised us in its last episodes. And when we surreptitiously hear the musical theme of The Mandalorian at the end of this chapter, we tell ourselves that the worst in the belly field is yet to come…

A new episode of The Book of Boba Fett has been released every Wednesday on Disney+ since December 29, 2021

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