Valentin Porte, Blues captain at Euros ahead of the main round: 'The competition is just beginning'

Valentin Porte, Blues captain at Euros ahead of the main round: ‘The competition is just beginning’

“How did the group welcome Karl Konan’s positive condition, which would make him miss at least the first two games of the Euros’ main role?
We doubted that she would one day fall upon us, she fell on all teams. The idea is that it rests with Karl who, since the inception of the Euro, has been the focus of collectivism and defence. He showed it to everyone and started to freak out. It’s a shame, but without it, we’d have to rethink certain things.

Against the Netherlands, with a very fast and dynamic match, how do you intend to adapt on Thursday to the first match of the main round (6pm)?
When I say rethink defence, it means rethink joints, there are a lot of players out there who are capable of replacing Karl. (woman) And how to manage more than sixty minutes. The presence of the France team without Karl and will remain without him. The Dutch national team has shown great things from the start with a very dynamic game, half a midfield (Luke Steins, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain) Very dynamic and we know it well too. Like any team that has its share of weaknesses, we study that to create problems for them.

After the Netherlands, Iceland will be on Saturday, the first match of its group …
Iceland has been renewing itself quite a bit for a while now. We see that she has a lot of experienced players, especially their backs (Viggo Christogon and Omar Inge Magnuson) One of the best scorers in the Bundesliga. A very good team of youngsters who put in a great rhythm as well, with a lot of talent.

And in the third match will be Montenegro on Monday.
Montenegro, which has also had its share of Covid from the start. The players are back, showing real toughness, with that little extra thing they can get as Serbs and Croats, and they haven’t let go. They came out of a difficult match against Slovenia very well. So we expect a very committed match against this type of team.

Finally with Denmark on Wednesday, in a new version of the Olympic final in Tokyo …
We will finish in style, I will not present Denmark, one of the favorites in the tournament, with a well-oiled group.

“I have a team of crazy dogs waiting to play and have fun on the field. To motivate, there is worse as a team”

Valentine Porte, Captain of the Blues

And the French team, which suffered from turbulent preparations (injuries, positive cases), signed an initial round without errors. Do you find their directions in time?
We are in transitional times. Against Croatia, matches are rarely good. We were expecting a broken game. We didn’t know what to expect. But we saw progress against Ukraine and I’m still finding progress against Serbia. It is getting better and better. But there are many things that will come into play: what will happen if tomorrow (Thursday) We are behind in the 40th minute, which has not happened to us yet. There are a lot of things to imagine, we have shown some very good things, and now there are still things to do, the competition has just begun.

What will you, as captain, say to your team before this major round? Isn’t she resting on her laurels?
Suppose in this team there are experienced players who know this kind of situation, and they have very important matches. You don’t necessarily need to remind them of the importance of the first round match, then the second, the third main round. Now I can play the chord, the thing that touches the players a little bit, which stimulates them a little bit more. But I have a team of crazy dogs just waiting to play and have fun on the field. To motivate, there is worse as a team. »


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