Andre Leon Talley, the right arm of Anna Wintour and the fashion star, dies

Andre Leon Talley, the right arm of Anna Wintour and the fashion star, dies

Death – he was 73 years old. On this Tuesday, January 18, the famous American fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley died of a disease kept secret in a hospital in New York, we learned from his literary agent, thus confirming information from the site People TMZ.

A global icon for the past five decades, he was close friends with Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Paloma Picasso, Diane von Furstenberg, Bethan Hardiason and Manolo Blahnik, recalls an obituary shared on the deceased’s official Instagram account. Keen on new discoveries, he recalls an obituary shared on the deceased’s official Instagram account. He was keen to support and celebrate young creators.”

Originally from Washington, DC, where he was born in 1948, André Leon Talley has devoted his entire life to the fashion industry. The person who first appeared in interviewThe magazine, launched by Andy Warhol in 1979, has collaborated with some of the biggest titles, such as The Daily Women’s daily wear, the The New York Times or the magazine WBefore his arrival in the early eighties of the most famous: Vogue magazine.

He was first appointed as Head of Fashion News between 1983 and 1987, then became its artistic director, a responsibility that bestowed him the role of right-hand man to Anna Wintour.

“Wintor Ma Deco”

The one we know for his imposing body (he was 1.98m tall) and glowing appearance is an old friend of the fashion daddy, but his relationship has apparently deteriorated over the years. the time. “It’s the whole adventure of human comedy. In her position as a woman of influence, yes, Mrs. Wintour has disappointed me greatly on a human level. He made it clear that failure is not an option for her, neither in her personal life nor in her career” Paris Match, in 2021.

These observations come on the heels of Anna Wintour’s decision to replace Andre Leon Talley, in 2018. And that’s without warning. The reasons are not clear. In his memoirs, published in 2020, he questions whether he had “not suddenly become too old, too fat and not cold enough” in the eyes of chef Condé Nast.

However, it was she who, in 1988, named him number two in the magazine. “She was progressive enough to make that decision,” he continues. For years, I was the only African American in the front row of shows. It was only in 2018 that a new generation took over: Virgil Abloh in Louis Vuitton, and Edward Enninful in British Vogue. I’m proud to have led the way.”

A life dedicated to fashion

Described in an article by Vanity Fair In 2013 as “The Man Who Connects Today’s Industry with the Industry of the Past”, he was dubbed by many fashion designers. In this same article, Tom Ford, for example, describes her as being able to “find an original reference in everything you do” and “identify the sources of inspiration for your mood board.”

Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb…Andre Leon Talley has always congratulated himself on empowering black women to become real stars. In an introductory article for Washington Post In 2019, he recalls a report on ball culture by members of the famous LaBeija house. “I didn’t play the fog for diversity, but encouraged it wherever possible,” he explained, fondly recalling a picture of Michelle Obama he wrote in 2009.

Voted as an LGBT Icon by American Magazine Outside, in 2007, has never publicly declared his sexuality, preferring to call himself “The Liquid”. He was never in a relationship, a decision he makes due to being sexually abused as a child. Two autobiographical books can attest to this. documentary The gospel according to Andrei, Also released in 2018.

This played some tricks on him at times. “My story is a fairy tale about excess, whisper to guardian, in 2020. As in every fairy tale, there is evil and darkness, but you overcome it with light. “

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