The Lord of the Rings series on Amazon has its own title and teaser: The Rings of Power

The Lord of the Rings series on Amazon has its own title and teaser: The Rings of Power

Amazon’s first teaser lets you discover the name of a series Lord of the rings.

The wait is almost over. In 2022 the Amazon series began the Lord of the Rings It will be broadcast on Prime Video. On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the American broadcasting platform revealed a short teaser for the series that allows us to present the title of the series: rings of strength, This is rings of strength in French.

The teaser itself doesn’t show anything very directly, but as the video unfolds, we think we’re witnessing the melting phase of the magical rings. Once then separates and then recites an Elvish poem that evokes the artifacts and their bearers. This passage is incomplete, because the poem, in principle, goes further.

« Three rings of elven kings under the sky,
Seven dwarf lords in their stone dwellings,
Nine to mortal men doomed,
One for the lord of darkness on his dark throne,
In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie
. »

rings of strengthAmazon series the Lord of the Rings

In Tolkien’s work, the unique ring is known above all, a magical ring that endows the wearer with extraordinary abilities, from becoming invisible when worn on the finger. But there are others, more commonly called loops of strength. And this is where another one-ring faculty is located: it dominates them.

The reason is that a single ring contains a portion of Sauron’s power. And for this, too, the lord of evil desires to seize it: in his possession, this servant of Morgoth will regain all his power. That was why the free people of Middle-earth once gathered on him to deprive him of it and try to destroy this evil artifact.

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The one ring. Finally, my feedback reply. Luckily. // Source: Zanastardust

We know many of these rings of power. We know that nine of them were distributed to men, but these ended up being enslaved and their nine carriers became the famous Nazgul, a species of dark-masked and very dangerous ghost that Sauron accuses of stalking anyone who carries the One Ring. .

The elves also possess three rings of strength, but they escape from the strength of one ring. The elves in their wisdom chose to hide these artifacts. The dwarves also greeted him. The fate of all these rings is very variable: they were kept or destroyed, some were donated, and some were destroyed. They were all officially forged for their own sake.

And in doing so, we do not know the fate of everyone. The three who are kept by the elves are the most famous: they are called Narya, Nenya and Vilya and were the strongest after the one episode. Sauron never controlled it. Many famous people dealt with them: Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel, Selimembour, Serdan or Gil-Glad.

The Lord of the Rings series from Amazon has a title and teaser: The Rings of Power
Gandalf, played by Ian McKellen, has been linked to the Elvish Rings. // Source: MGM-New Line Cinema

Among the dwarves, only the trace of the Ring is known: the trace of the people of Dorin. These rings are described as being responsible for the lust for gold that plagued some Middle-earth dwarves, such as Thrór and Thráin. It is also said that Sauron managed to recover not only the Ring of Dorin’s people, but also two other rings belonging to the dwarves.

The nine men’s rings were the ones that had the greatest impact. They were spoiled by their strength and became Nazgul. The fate of these nine rings is debated: they may have been destroyed at some point or returned to Sauron’s control. One thing is for sure: the Evil King has already taken over the minds of these fallen kings.

It was Celebrimbor who coined these rings, the rings of men, dwarves and elves. For the record, it’s with Sauron he faked men and dwarves (hence their malicious character). But, realizing the plans of Sauron, who then pretended to be a certain Anatar, Celebrimbor made the elven rings alone and hid them, so that they could escape from the enemy.

Only one ring was made underground at Orodruin, a volcano north of Mordor. It’s also in this desolate place where it can be destroyed in mountain flames. All this is known to anyone who has read Tolkien’s novels or seen the film adaptation directed by Peter Jackson, with the hobbit And the Lord of the Rings.

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