'We were going to have Banana of the Year': Break up in Thailand, the Korea Jazz won't stop there

‘We were going to have Banana of the Year’: Break up in Thailand, the Korea Jazz won’t stop there

Jazz Correia was very upset on her Instagram story on Tuesday, January 18. The young woman almost got deceived during her stay in Thailand.

She was angry. Jazz Correia is a reality TV nominee who used to share her daily life with her subscribers. She gave birth to her third child, London Sky, on December 8. After several difficult weeks, marked by Baby health problemsThe young woman wanted to catch her breath. The little family went with Laurent Correa and their two children Cayden and Chelsea Thailand. However, this The dream of staying was a bit disastrous Since they encountered a problem. In his Instagram story, Jazz confided Korea to its subscribers on Tuesday, January 18th. “We are here in a luxury home in Phuket and we are about to change the house that we are still here in Thailand and we really wanted to see it”, first explained. Then she said: “When we put the address on the GPS, we see that it’s a bit far away, but we tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, it’s so beautiful.” If they were willing to compromise, the Correias had an unpleasant surprise. “And in fact, we were going to take the banana of the year. Explain you. The house is facing low tide. In the pictures, it’s a house by the sea, and in real life, it’s a house facing the tide. I’m shocked“, The young woman concluded.

It will defend itself. This misadventure, Jazz Korea is not ready to forget and is determined to spread it. In fact, she confirmed that she now has to”Struggling to make up for it.” For his part, Laurent Correia released a slight rant on his Instagram account. “I’m going to meet the local authorities. They robbed us. It won’t be without follow up“, He said, very upset. The only good point in this story? The fact that not everything is discovered on D-Day.”If we had rented this house directly … something a lot of people do, you’d get here, so you’re already very far, 53 minutes out of town, there’s nothing around ”, Jazz Korea said before selecting it: “And you arrive and have a banana like that. There are people who work all year round to plan a great vacation. But you cry! We are lucky to rent something else, but there are people who can’t, Then she denounced. If the Correas family had the possibility of renting a relatively expensive vacation, the young woman asserted: “These people are doing misleading ads, and they don’t care. I find that disgusting. It’s abuse to deceive people like that“, concluded.

Korea Jazz: Why have you been so vocal lately?

The Jazz of Korea has no tongue in its pocket. After talking about her spoiled adventure while on vacation, she yells at the people who owe her money. “All people, friends, neighbors, no matter who you lent money to. Is it possible that you don’t play the role of the dead anymore?“, She wrote on her Instagram story. I don’t know, when you owe someone, if you can’t, at least tell him that you don’t forget your bill and that, as soon as possible, you’ll get back to him“, Concluded, very loud.

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