Xbox and Activision Blizzard: Get all records for Microsoft

Xbox and Activision Blizzard: Get all records for Microsoft

Will Call of Duty and many other games become exclusive to Xbox? That is the question we ask ourselves after the tidal wave of January 18, 2022. In question, a real earthquake: Microsoft has now bought Activision Blizzard, one of the largest publishers in the video game industry, for a record sum. So what will change in the short and long term? We’ll see right away…

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  • 1: Microsoft – Activision Blizzard: Ogre and Colossus?
  • 2: What is the value of this redemption?
  • 3: A few months of calm before the storm?
  • 4: Any future in the near future?
  • 5: What long-term future?

1: Microsoft – Activision Blizzard: Ogre and Colossus?

This acquisition includes two companies. On the one hand, the giant Microsoft that owns Windows and Xbox. They have an almost infinite ticket board and for 5 years, they invested heavily in games, changing strategy after 15 years of fighting against Sony. Before they produced custom consoles and games, they’re now buying studios with a vengeance to include in their cast of show: Game Pass.

A subscription that includes hundreds of games and can be installed wherever possible: phone, tablet, PC, streaming, consoles and even connected TVs. Battle horse, that’s for sure, but also a bit of a “Trojan horse”, to be accepted. Thus, the goal is to make these video games on Netflix a must that even Sony and PlayStation, the leader for 20 years, can no longer afford to ignore.. This acquisition is likely to change the situation.

On the other side of the deal, we have Activision Blizzard, our predecessor publisher and developer, which for over 20 years has been developing solid franchises. The company offers nearly 50 billion in the stock market, and is very successful on most platforms. On mobile they’re outselling Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crush, on consoles they’re a hit with Warzone and Call of Duty’s Battle Royale and on PC they’re pretty strong thanks to the Blizzard division that produces Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft and Warcraft and MMORPG World of Warcraft. So this acquisition is really a very, very big bag of banknotes…

2: What is the value of this redemption?

With a value of $68.7 billion, the acquisition is Microsoft’s largest to date, ahead of Skype or LinkedIn which cost Microsoft 8.5 billion and 26.2 billion.. That’s more than doubled, and it proves Microsoft’s investment in games. Even crazier, it’s also the largest acquisition in the industry and by far the most previous acquisition was just a few days ago, with Take Two acquiring Zynga, for $12 billion.

As far as I’m telling you we’re not actually on the same line. For comparison, $68.7 billion is the same price Disney paid for Fox. With Activision Blizzard, Microsoft can now be proud to be the third largest player in the industry behind leading company Tencent and behind Sony.. But, concretely, for the players, what will this acquisition change?

3: A few months of calm before the storm?

At the moment, the acquisition has been formalized, but often, it still needs to be approved by institutions that ensure a balance between competing funds. Microsoft has played a serious game in recent years, buying several studios, but especially two huge publishers starting with Bethesda., in 2020, which has already cemented the Xbox’s first-party franchises while raising some questions about its future exclusivity.

In their catalog we can cite the spiritual sequel to Skyrim, the future of which outside the Xbox ecosystem is still under discussion. You can be sure that if positions have been taken about the future of these licenses are very vague, it has been in part to reassure and secure other acquisitions, like the one we just tested with Activision Blizzard.

Pending verification, at Activision-Blizzard, the status quo. Even the controversial Activision Blizzard boss, Bobby Kotick, whose position has been undermined for several months by several issues, is still in place for now.. It is likely that after verifying the acquisition, he will have to inform his new boss, Xbox head Phil Spencer, who also criticized Kotick a few weeks ago. Thus, it is calm before the storm, and it is very likely that things will move very quickly after validation of the purchase.

And this verification, it does not appear to be 100% obtained. Some analysts are already beginning to express their doubts about the very dominant position Microsoft is presenting itself with this purchase.. Activision Blizzard has multi-functional perks, which are rarely exclusive to the platform. So Xbox should be very clear in the future about whether or not the titles it owns and publishes are exclusive.. And there, Spencer won’t be able to play with words anymore… Meanwhile, what can we expect from the players in the coming weeks?

If the acquisition is verified, very quickly, Activision-Blizzard titles will likely join Game Pass, as was the case with the Bethesda catalog. Call of Duty, Overwatch, Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Tony Hawk’s: all of these would logically join Microsoft’s massive subscription catalog, and in theory at no additional monthly cost.

The issue of redemption and exclusivity will also arise very quickly for Call of Duty, a franchise with annual episodes, whose sales have declined over the years, in favor of the franchise’s service games, Warzone and Call of Duty. Mobile. In this regard, Spencer has been quite clear in the past by saying that he doesn’t want to deprive gaming communities of their favorite games.. So we can understand that Warzone will remain cross-platform, just as Minecraft was, after Microsoft’s takeover of Mojang. So fearless for Battle Royale fans, on the other hand, regarding the episodes of the main franchise, which are released every year, the question may arise.

But given that Microsoft only looks at Game Pass subscription numbers to assess its performance in games, we can say, of course, that it will allow episodes to go out everywhere, so as not to deprive fans, and that the games will only be available “”the first day and at no additional cost, In Game Pass”, which is already significant news for fans of the franchise, and is supposed to attract a lot of new subscribers.

We can ask ourselves the same question about World of Warcraft, as we lose ground to Final Fantasy XIV Online, which could imagine, we could dream, becoming an incredible additional asset for Microsoft and its catalog with Game Pass integration and subscription lift.… from there to hope in the console port, there is only one step …

5: What long-term future?

If Game Pass gains the same amount of weight and includes, on day one and at no extra cost, the 35 studio titles for the Xbox family, it’s a safe bet that the market will be hit hard. With Bethesda titles and Activision Blizzard production, if Xbox decides to lock down everything in its ecosystem, in Game Pass, a lot of players are risking seeing the red.

The war of keys, which was a war of positions, will indeed become a war of service, The arcade game on one side, and Spartacus from Sony on the other. The Japanese giant should indeed introduce its new service very soon, which is supposed to combine the offerings of PS Plus and PS Now, within a rich catalog, with huge stakes.. This acquisition, Activision-Blizzard-Microsoft, is a new cartridge in the Xbox barrel within this future services duel.

It remains to be seen what PlayStation will offer to reassure its users, who see more and more former third-party publishers joining the Xbox studio family. One thing is for sure, and that is that Game Pass is growing and expanding to become universal and essential. A battle just started…

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