Against RED, Bouygues Telecom continues its offensive with B & You's new mobile plan

Against RED, Bouygues Telecom continues its offensive with B & You’s new mobile plan

Bouygues Telecom renews B & You’s non-binding offers, in particular with a 40 GB package at € 9.99 per month, which competes with the RED by SFR package.

Against RED, Bouygues Telecom continues its offensive with B & You's new mobile plan

After SFR and its new offerings from RED, it is now Bouygues Telecom’s turn to paint its new range of B & You mobile packages without obligation. This time we found a similar, but very interesting offer with a 40 GB package at only € 9.99 per month.

B & You package in 3 main points

  • Without commitment and without term condition
  • 40 GB in France and 16 GB in Europe / DOM
  • Unlimited connections (calls, texts, multimedia messages)

New non-binding B & You packages from Bouygues Telecom, including a 40 GB package for € 9.99 per month, available Until January 25, 2022.

The package is on one of the best French networks

With its new offerings, the 40GB package is the first choice. It offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France and from overseas departments and Europe to a French number. All on Bouygues Telecom, one of the most popular networks in the field of telecommunications with a network coverage of 99% in all of France as well as one of the best transport coverage, according to Arcep figures.

A package designed for everyday use of 4G networks without overdoing it

But this package is especially interesting if we consider the amount of 4G data. It provides a 40 GB envelope for use throughout France. Good news for those who regularly consume streaming content or browse social networks and for whom the current package is already not enough.

If needed, you can go through my Bouygues Telecom Customer Area app to add GB to your package in case you reach the end. Note that their additional data charges are 10 EUR for 10 GB.

In terms of data valid in Europe and the DOM, the envelope is 16GB, which is already more comfortable than RED. This data is deducted from the basic package and will allow you to connect from anywhere at no extra cost and without having to go through Wi-Fi.

How do I keep my number?

You can of course keep your existing mobile phone number by changing the plan. First of all, it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order for a new 3-piece SIM. The operator is then changed without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and Just provide the RIO code of your line when registering. If you don’t know how to proceed, consult our tutorial to request a reference offer for your interconnection.

Similar packages of the moment

4G plan comparison

To discover more mobile offers, we now invite you to use the comparison tool to find them Best 4G packages without obligation from the moment.

Forfait Mobile B & You – 100 Go

6 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

100 go

Forfit Red Forfit 4G – 40 Joe

5 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

40 go

Prixtel 4G Bundle – Large Size 80-130 GB

6 days

Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS / MMS

80 go – 130 go

All mobile packages

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