A little worried, losing everything in management

A little worried, losing everything in management

Hex’s last change

Laurienté gives way to Borlé in the final seconds of play.

Niasse saves LOSC

When receiving a free kick in the penalty area, Abergel tried a powerful shot, Niasse pushed it with his thigh in front of his line!

Last change in the night

Yilmaz is knocked out in favor of young Gomez in the last few minutes, with the next match kicking off with a corner kick to the head of Lille’s crew.

Yilmaz finds the wall

The Turkish striker takes a free kick in a good position into the Breton wall. His second attempt ends in the stands.

Oh preceded by Nardy

The American striker comes close to David’s long header, but Nardy manages his exit this time.

Maciel keeps spinning

The One Night Coach makes two new changes: Onana and Bamba have been replaced by Niasi and Gudmundsson.

Sumano is really dangerous

The newcomer is at the reception in the polished Le Goff Centre. However, his uncrossed head was not framed, but Grbic did not move.

Lemoine is back on the field

After a lengthy injury, Lemoine returned to competition by replacing Monconduit. Another peritoneal change: Moffi was replaced by Soumano.

Lorient has been discovered

But it has not yet succeeded, despite an interesting mass movement in front of the opposing roof. Change is brewing.

Mastiff finds a bite

Like Weah’s first acceleration, Lille found the ball and its vitality in the first period. This match is becoming more and more disjointed.

Scores on other lawns

Clermont 0-1 Strasbourg

Montpellier 0-0 Troyes

As a reminder, you can follow the live broadcast of the Ligue 1 League with commentary on RMC Sport.

Rotate LOSC

Also a double change in Lil: Wuya, who returns to the field after a long absence, and Xeka replaces Lihadji and Sanches.

Double change in Lorient

Silva and Boesgaard will replace Mozan and Luffy in the last half hour of play.

More danger from the angle of night

Sanchez again finds Putman’s header, which belongs to Reinildo, who bypasses the goal header.

New hit from Lorient

This time, the young Mozan is trying his luck from a far place. The ball is largely off target, but the Britons have shown good intentions since play resumed.

Monconduit Strike!

The Lorient midfielder attempts a floating shot to the right side. It was a very good start, but ends to the left of Lille’s goal!

First corner of Lorient

This gives nothing, other than to note the beautiful save of Grbic’s foot in front of Le Goff at close range. Al Hicks finds colors.

Grbic cools Llorente

Starting at the rear, Llorente was overtaken by the excellent outing of the Lille goalkeeper, on the fringes of his area.

David crosses a lot

The Ligue 1 top scorer, sent by Lehadji in the middle, tries his luck on the first intent but his shot from the right flanks wide. Small lead time for hexes.

Unheard of in almost 9 years for LOSC

The Northerners have not scored 3 goals so quickly in the Ligue 1 since April 7, 2013 against… Lorient.

iMovie begins awakening

Moffi was perfectly fired by Laurienté, launching a powerful attack out of the area. Grbic is good at supporting it and capturing in two stages. Finally a great opportunity for visitors.

Bamba on the floor

On the left side of Lille, Mendes missed the Pampa, who takes a few seconds to get up. It can return to its place without damage.

Here we are again between Lille and Lorient!

FC Lorient has 45 minutes to raise their heads and try to salvage their honor against the Dogues in control.

Half time at night!

LOSC is already leading by three goals in the first half. Full of success, Lille was decisive thanks to the first two goals of Lihadji and Reinildo with the northern club, as well as a goal from Jens against his team. Hicks soaked.

Pampa Nardi Alert

Nardy’s twisted Bamba strike could have fooled Nardy, and he was vigilant despite the small recoil. At the back, Glick passes close to a resume and scores into the empty goal.

Grbic . concentration

Renaldo slips into his zone and leaves the ball to his face in a dangerous situation. A powerful shot from the middle is caught by Lille’s goalkeeper, still not worried.

Putman is close to fourth base

Another danger from the free kick. On the right, Sanchez finds his center back in the penalty area. His head passes over the goal.

LOSC . delays

There is not much risk to Lille who continues to work on the Breton defence. It appears that the Northern Club is already in management.

Not suitable for Mendes

A pass and a very good pass from Le Goff, who is looking for Moffi at the near post. The ball flies to Mendes, whose acrobatic hemisphere ends in the clouds.

Successful first periods in LOSC

Renildo scored Lille’s 20th goal in the first half of this season, in the 21st game of the league season. No team does better.

I’ve been waiting for Bretton’s reaction

There is still a real opportunity for visitors, who are less and less reassured. Some are already upside down, while the first chapter is not yet complete.

Renaldo 3-0!!!

Lille demonstration continues with a new free kick! Sanchez cuts through the left side towards the middle of the penalty area, where Reinildo heads past Nardy to score into the empty net. The Lorient goalkeeper completely missed the outing.

Abergel breaks a counter

Captain Lorient misses Yilmaz as a counter-opportunity looms for LOSC. The Hicks struggle against Lille’s speed.

Bamba worries about Al-Nazli’s defense

Another good ball from Yilmaz on the left for Pampa, who came against a joint return from Jens and Petrot.

Total Efficiency of LOSC

3 shots, 3 on goal and 2, mastiff in full swing. In contrast, Lorient tried their luck only twice, without a shot on goal.

The northerners remain

With such a relaxed lead, the locals hold the ball and don’t seem to be bothered by the almost non-existent pressure of their opponents. Lorient will have to get up to avoid the correction.

Nardi gets the treatment

Touched by Onana in the goal, the goalkeeper of Lorient remained on the ground. Despite contacting the Lille environment, the target was validated.


2-0 to LOSC in a new pool shot! Yilmaz takes a free kick at the entrance to the area hitting the wall. Surprised, Nardi repels his defender who scores a goal against his camp. What bad luck for Hakes…

Mendes unleashes the rebellion

Very good center in the right side surface. However, this lacks an offensive presence, and puts Grbic up well to get the ball back.

asks Fonte Nardi

Lille defender takes a corner kick with a header at the far post. The ball is caught without difficulty by Nardi, who can restart.

Mastiff showing its fangs

Since the first goal, Masel’s men (who replaces Jorvenek on the bench) do not leave the ball and remain in the Breton camp. Lorient is curled.

Opens to Hajj his meter

In his first start to the season, the former Marseille scored his first goal of the season full of opportunism.


1-0 for LOSC at their first chance, what a success! Bamba falls to the left and crosses hard at the near post as Nardi pushes his defender Petrut, who gave a goal ball to Lihadji. The young striker only has to push behind the goal line.

The Hacks show themselves

Neither Le Goff, the author of an intriguing cross pass, nor Mendes, who attempts a long cross, manage to worry Grbic. But visitors are the first to show themselves in this game.

Nardy by David

Lorient’s goalkeeper is attentive to recover the ball in front of the Canadian striker, not without a small slip on the edge of his deck. The rain that fell on the night made the stadium completely slippery.

Yilmaz is already moaning

The heart of the Turkish attack demands a first corner kick on the right side, but it will not be heard by the fourth official or by the midfield.

patient night

The northerners have their feet on the ball since kick-off but they take time and prefer to play for a little while. There is no opportunity at the moment.

First mode Lorient

Le Fée’s center was reclaimed in the far corner and hit straight by Moffi, with a very tight angle. It’s in the little grebech extranet.

Ben Arfa is there

Lille’s new recruit was introduced to the audience before the match, as was Zhegrova, who is in the stands to watch this poster.

Let’s go between Lil and Lorient!

Mastiff scurries off in front of scattered situations always, good game for everyone!

Balanced date

Despite diametrically opposed forms, Lorient is used to standing up for LOSC. Les Merlus has won 4 of the last 8 matches between the two teams (4 losses).

Two more games at 7 pm.

On the sidelines of the Lille Lorient match, other matches will be played late on Wednesday at 7 pm: Montpellier-Trois and Clermont-Strasbourg. Matches to watch live in the Ligue 1 double.

very beautiful night series

Lille have not lost in the last 8 Ligue 1 matches (3 wins, 5 draws), only Paris Saint-Germain (12 matches) are currently doing better. Lusk’s last league defeat dates back to October 29, specifically against the Parisian club (1-2).

Lorient reunites with Lemoine.

Off the field since the end of October, Fabian Lemoine has found the Hakes group but is just a substitute. The visitors will play without Loric, Morell, Diarra (injured) and Laporte (for personal reasons), while rookie Innocent is ineligible.

Two notable absences from Lil

The Northerners will be denied Benjamin Andre, who is excluded in Marseille and suspended, as well as their coach Jocelyn Jorvenek, who is positive for Covid and replaced by Jorge Maciel. Also note the absence of Pied (injured) and rookie Zhegrova (unqualified).

First in Lorient too

Baptiste Mozan, 20, is a regular for his coaching club for the first time in his career as a midfielder. He played in only two short matches, on Sunday against Angers (0-0) and earlier in the season against Strasbourg (0-4).

FC Lorient’s starting line-up

Nardi – Mendes, Jeans, Petrut, Le Geoff – Le Vie, Abergel, Monconduit, Moisine – Movie, Llorente

alternativesDreyer, Silva, Fontaine, Hergolt, Boisgaard, Lemoine, Borles, Le Press, Sumano.

Hajji’s first term in office

On the right side, former Marseille ex-Marseille Isaac Lehadji will make this evening his first appearance in Lille’s starting lineup this season. In 7 matches in the French league, he played so far only 82 minutes, for 3 assists. Last season, he was a regular league starter with LOSC.

LOSC . configuration

Grbic – Celik, Fonte, Botman, Reinildo – Lihadji, Sanches, Onana, Bamba – David and Yilmaz

alternativesJakobsch, Gallo, Gudmundsson, Pradrick, Zika, Niasse, Asconi, Gomez, Weah

LOSC . Pool and Transport Window

In a press conference, the Lille president mentioned the Dogues transfer period, stressing that he has “full effect” after the arrival of Ben Arfa.

Four months without a win for Lorient

Merlus hopes to break their black chain on the land of Lil. They have not won a match since September 22 against Nice (1-0). Since then, Pelissier’s men have played 13 league games without finding the recipe (5 draws, 8 defeats).

Busy day of mastiff

Earlier in the day, Lille announced the loan of Youssef Yazigi with the option to buy from CSKA Moscow until the end of the season, but above all, Hatem Ben Arfa’s big return to Ligue 1. his physical condition. Of course he won’t be on the field tonight.

second session

Good evening everyone, welcome to our live commentary to follow the match between LOSC and Lorient live on behalf of day 20 of Ligue 1. Poster that should have been done on January 8th but has been postponed due to several Covid cases between Hakes. The match will start at 7:00 pm from Stade Pierre-Moroy.

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