Summary of Episode 1105 for Thursday, January 20

Summary of Episode 1105 for Thursday, January 20

Thursday January 20 in Tomorrow is ours… marked by the arrival of Clément Rémiens who commented on Maxime’s return to the series and the first images of Jules’ return … Returning from Venice, Flore (Anne Caillon who admitted that “”This break with Alex is too violent for Fleur.”) He goes to Mas and blames Alex for never loving her. While he was assuring her otherwise, she slapped him. He asks her to leave.

Flora contemplates dark thoughts

Anna discovers her in the afternoon as she searches the hospital pharmacy. Flore (Anne Caillon who reveals who she’d like to see with Flore after Alex) pretends to look for a headache reliever. The psychologist really doesn’t believe it. She is worried and offers her friend to have dinner with her. Flora retreats.

Later, she undoes the anchors to get a rope, when she gets a phone call from Alex, and she’s worried. She tries to reassure him before ending the call. Then you go home where you prepare the rope by making a knot. She climbed on the chair and brought her head to the knot…

Chloe asks Andrea to respect the boundaries of a purely professional relationship

Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin, who had to isolate herself with her son) confides in Anna (Maud Becker, who has landed in France 2) with her suspicions about Andrea. She does not feel comfortable in the presence of her babysitter, she is very intrusive. Especially since he’s trying to make her feel guilty. Suddenly, her presence and attitude hurt her even if she had nothing to scold Celeste. His sister finds him very balanced. She advises Chloe to talk to her and asks her to respect the boundaries of a purely professional relationship. This is what the manager does right away. A development that Andrea seems to understand and accept. He apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable and promises not to do it again. However, later on, he assures Céleste that he is part of the family no matter what Chloe says, and that he will always be there to protect her. Then he confesses to her that he loves his mother very much and that he is also ready to do anything for her.

Jordan and Jack continue to investigate Simon

Jordan and Jack are still searching for the identity of Simon, the latter’s secret admirer. Not successful yet. Alma advises Jack to ignore her for a while. Something tickles him and gets him out of the woodwork… Jordan tells Jahia about the plan, and confesses to him that he’d like to see his brother live a beautiful romance. Under the influence of magic, the young woman admits that she fell in love with her emotional side. Later, Jack received another letter from Simon. This is a quote from Shakespeare in English. He decided to ask Alma. Who thinks, thanks to this guide, to find out who the mysterious fan is. Because she had studied this sonnet last year with a group of students whose only son was Nathan (Azer).

The news is not good for Lilian

He does not make his morning visit to Lillian, to whom he reveals that he is happy to meet her. Because she shows herself to be available and interested, not like her father’s trainee nurse. According to the latter, she would neither be enthusiastic nor qualified. Furious, she slams Cedric for telling her everywhere that she’s bad. She does her best and deserves the chance. You did not choose this profession by chance. The nurse admits it is tough on her, but the requirement is a must in this profession. He offers her to start from scratch, she accepts it.

Cedric then learns that Lillian has ruptured her cruciate ligament. So FC Sète will have to replace him. According to Raynaud, there are two options: surgery or rehabilitation. The first allows ligament reconstruction but recovery is long, from 15 to 18 months. The immortality of a great athlete. The second option is to strengthen the knee for compensation and it lasts 10 months. But the knee is still fragile and prone to injury… Cedric is unable to tell the truth to his son, who constantly reminds him of his longing to get back on the field.

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