Gaspard Ulliel: The Six Films That Marked His Career

Gaspard Ulliel: The Six Films That Marked His Career

IOver twenty years ago, he had a small role in pact of wolves He had caught his eye thanks to his physique when he was a young man in the future. Model, Cours Florent intern and former film student, Gaspard Ulliel had all the assets to succeed without going through the check boxes. In 2002, Michel Blanc included him in his black comedy film, kiss whoever you want The following year he will follow Andrei Teshin lost. Three years later, he dedicates with Caesar to Sunday’s long engagement day, by Jean-Pierre Junet, in which he plays Audrey Tautou. Eclectic, will go from Jaco Le Crocan To the terrifying Hannibal Lecter, son of Isabel Hubert (Dam on the Pacific Oceanor Jean Renofirst circle). Among his most notable films Saint Laurent By Bertrand Bonello: He excels as a famous fashion designer alongside Léa Seydoux and Jeremy Rainier. On the 30th of March we will discover him in the series Disney + Minnie, moon knightWith Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. He is currently filming another series under the supervision of Xavier Giannoli. silver and blood for channel +.

“Charter of the Wolves” (2001)

In 1766, a mysterious monster erupted in the mountains of Givaudan and killed many victims, without anyone being able to identify it or kill it. In this horror film by Christopher Ganz, with Monica Bellucci, Gaspard Ulliel plays only a small role, but he quickly drifted away with the success of the film, which collected more than five million participations in France and caused a sensation in the United States. .

“Kiss whoever you want” (2002)

In this quote from Joseph Connolly’s novel, english holidays, Michel Blanc portrays several characters on vacation at Le Touquet: a married couple stuck in routine, Charlotte Rampling and Jacques Dutronic, another in distress, Karen Viard and Denis Bodalides, a woman persecuted (Carol Bouquet) by a jealous husband (Michel Blanc), a sick single mother (Clothilde Koru). In this scathing comedy, Gaspard Ulliel plays a teenager tormented by his desires to confront the uncomfortable Le Douillon.

“A Long Engagement Day” (2004)

A role by his scale, the role that would bestow on Caesar’s first male performance. An award that highlights his qualities as an actor and his budding maturity. In this drama by Jean-Pierre Junet, adapted from a novel by Sebastien Gabriseau, we find Gaspard Ulliel in the trenches of the Somme, during the First World War. He plays Manek, a young Breton who is sentenced to death along with five other soldiers after mutilating themselves to escape their duty. Is he really dead? His fiancée Mathilde, played by Audrey Tautou, does not believe it at all and struggles to find a trace of her among the ghosts.

“The Princess of Montpensier” (2010)

Presented at the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, the film of this period was made in 1562, during the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants. Bertrand Tavernier did not hesitate to choose Gaspard Ulliel to play the very material role of the Duke of Guise, who is in love with Marie de Maiziere (Mélanie Thierry) but is forced to marry the Prince of Montpensier (Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet). During a sword-and-dagger fight scene, the actor was injured in the mouth by his partner Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet. Under a look of admiration Bertrand Tavernier, “happy to direct daring actors under thirty.”

“Yves Saint Laurent” (2014)

While Jalil Lisbert chose Pierre Nene to camp Yves Saint Laurent at the dawn of his success, Bertrand Bonello chose Gaspard Ulliel to take us later on in the famous fashion designer’s career, when he left Dior and created his own clothing line. Besides the physical resemblance, the actor finds material to create a complex character with his gang, his torments, and his excesses. On CNews, he declared: “Bonelo told me that his desire for the character was for you to find as much of me as Saint Laurent. I had to find a space completely empty and pristine after which I could recreate and imagine things.”

“Just the end of the world” (2016) “Just the end of the world” (Just the end of the world)

A second Caesar by Gaspard Uliel, who moves as a young writer back to his village, after twelve years of absence, to announce to his family that he will soon die. Adapting Jean-Luc Lagars’ play, director Xavier Dolan assembled a luxurious crew for ten days of filming: Marion Cotillard, Vincent Cassel, Natalie Bay, and Léa Seydoux around the late actor who embodies the bleak and desperate character of this family affair.

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