The violent Moon Knight series could become the best comic book mod for the MCU

The violent Moon Knight series could become the best comic book mod for the MCU

serial Marvel Moon Night He reveals himself to us. Mark Spector’s different characters, the identity of the villain, what did we learn in this first trailer?

In a deliberate or unintended marketing ploy, Marvel has released the trailer for moon knight Full moon night. The 2-minute trailer lets us see Oscar Isaac in action The famous goalkeeper with dissociative identity disorder (TDI), as well as Ethan Hawke as the villain.

To rework the character, Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf in the Night #32 1975 (A werewolf has the right to his short film Werewolf at night Halloween special) before he had several series to his name. Moon Knight is the name of the superhero Marc Spector after his contact with the Egyptian god Khonshu who made him his hero. The presence of multiple characters, including that of a film producer, a taxi driver and a moonnight, Mark Spector is constantly suspicious of his own world, and his fragmented mind is often his worst enemy. So what do we find in the lore of the White Ranger in the trailer, and what clues does it give us about the plot?

One character can hide the other

The first surprising thing in the trailer is Stephen Grant’s English accent, the character the trailer is about, who seems to be the one who’s going to dominate (at least at first). in the comics, Stephen Grant is an influential Hollywood film producer who has notably put his adventures to work in the movie Moon Knight.

In the trailer, Grant works in a souvenir shop in London, so it’s a reinterpretation. However, the trailer doesn’t show us any other character except A teaser for Mark Spector, a mercenary raider, When a woman calls him on the phone. Grant’s English accent is perhaps a hallmark to better distinguish this identity from others.

From Mark Spector, the main identity of the hero in the comics, so nothing is known in the trailer. However, the official summary of the series indicates that Spector will indeed be a mercenary Much like the original media, Grant will discover he has DID and share his body with Spector. According to the principle of the New Eye, Stephen Grant will allow us to introduce a mercenary who may already be associated with Koncho. So the character’s tormented spirit seems very present, served by good theater, if we are to believe the trailer. And fortunately, given the great comics about the character Play to lose the reader like a hero between reality, hallucinations and black holes.

Marvel Moon Night: Intimacy“Batarang” Moon Night is here, so is violence

The villain, this famous stranger

In the second half of the trailer, Ethan Hawke is singled out. The actor plays Mark Spector’s enemy and The somewhat evocative name is Arthur Harrow. The battalion is completely unknown to almost all people and for good reason, Arthur Harrow appeared in only one comic strip in 1985. After conducting human experiments at Auschwitz, Dr. Harrow fled to South America to continue his work removing pain from his subjects, only to be captured by Moon Knight. We don’t find much character in his adaptation of the MCU given the trailer.

In an interview, Ethan Hawke said he was inspired by David Koresh, the leader of David’s cult, infamous after 82 cult members were killed in an FBI siege of their home. A very dark inspiration for the MCUThe trailer shows us the app because Arthur Harrow is a teacher of a cult with an unknown purpose.

though, The character is more reminiscent of the Sun King, A more recent villain since its 2017 debut in Moon Night #188, is repeated in the series. The brave man possesses firework powers, and claims to be the embodiment of the Egyptian sun god, Amon-Ra. In the later comics, he established a cult around himself. The Sun King has no real name, Calling him Arthur Harrow would allow Marvel to keep this character a mystery.

Ethan Hawke: The Picture, Marvel's Moon KnightEthan Hawke as a teacher

Show Freaks

As in the other trailers, Marvel isn’t shy about adjusting its visuals in order to keep some on hand. Contrary to the joke, the trailer finally allows us to see what the Moon Knight is violently leaving on Earth. We distinguish a humanoid creature that looks like a wolf, Immediately reminiscent of a Marvel werewolf This will explain Gael García Bernal in werewolf at night. This would allow the character to be introduced prior to his short film, a way to return the elevator to the creature that made Moon Knight debut in the comics.

However, one of the series’ summaries talked about a war between the Egyptian gods, which may suggest that The creature that Moon Knight slays so fervently is a follower of Seth, the god of violence and chaos, the head of a jackal. Another clue in the trailer could point in this direction with the image of a crocodile on the laptop screen that Stephen Grant recovered, It could evoke the excitement of having one of the two crocodile-headed deities, Amut, the goddess devouring the dead, or Sobek, the Nile god. and half-brother of Khuncho. The latter also appears in the trailer, in a comic-like design, appearing opposite Stephen Grant.

Marvel's Moon Knight: Photo, Marvel's Moon KnightKhuncho, the god with a skull head

If Marvel is delivering a series with the same tone as the trailer, moon knight It will deserve attention. in a way WandaVision Played on reality, Mark Spector’s story has enough to disturb the narration to give the series an original if you take advantage of the character as much as possible.

In a well-adapted state, one should expect to constantly wonder what is true, what are hallucinations And it seems to have started off very well because these first images honor the atmosphere of the comics. A scene from the trailer seems to illustrate this idea when Stephen Grant is surprised to carry a gun, possibly after being replaced by Mark Spector. We can hope for a meeting that throws us into a scene without warning to illustrate the fight between the Moon Knight characters.

This trailer highlighted above all the difficulty of combining many identities in one mind, and it is more than just a convenient choice. corn The character violence doesn’t seem to have been brushed aside as the official poster attests That shows a few drops of blood, a giant leap from Marvel/Disney frankness. The series will debut on Disney+ on March 30, 2022, and it may open doors for a darker MCU to settle in. werewolf at night And code.


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