From "Egarés" to "Saint Laurent", the great roles of Gaspard Ulliel

From “Egarés” to “Saint Laurent”, the great roles of Gaspard Ulliel

A precocious actor, Gaspard Uliel has had some notable roles,”Lost”, his first major role, in “Just the end of the worldWhich earned him Cesar.

Gaspard Uliel, who died suddenly after a skiing accident at the age of 37, started filming at a very young age. After small roles in films and television series, when he was still a teenager, he gave bigger productions, such as Christophe Jans’ Le Pacte des loups, before taking, at the age of nineteen, his first major role opposite André Téchiné’s camera in Lost.

• “Lost” 2003

André Téchiné is set during the disaster of 1940. Gaspard Ulliel plays a teenager who helps Odile (Emmanuel Biart), a young widow who escapes from Paris and her two children. They find sanctuary in a large abandoned house in the countryside. A romantic relationship develops between them. The role earned the young actor a second César nomination, in the Best Male Newcomer category (after the first nomination the year before for kiss whoever you want).

• “A Long Engagement Day” 2004

Jean-Pierre Junet, based on a novel by Sebastien Gabriseau, offers his second major role as Maniche, the young soldier who went to fight in the trenches of the 14 Years’ War and whom his fiancée Mathilde (Audrey Tautou) searches for — relentlessly, convinced he hasn’t die. Sunday long engagement It will be the most awarded film at the 2005 Academy Awards. Gaspar Uliel wins Kaiser for Best Male Hope.

• “Saint Laurent”

To slip into the costume of the famous fashion designer, Gaspard Ulil loses weight, not approaching the slender silhouette of Saint Laurent, but “arriving on the first day in a body envelope no longer for me, a kind of bridge to go towards this character.”

it’s with Saint Laurent By Bertrand Bonello in 2014 Gaspard Uliel embodies his first role as a complex and powerful man. After a year in the business where he sought to find the unique voice of a fashion designer, he presented a grim and fragile personality that made him internationally known.

He was nominated as Best Actor in César, and Pierre Nene finally won the same role in another “Yves Saint Laurent” for Jalil Lispert. But in this role – and the role of his life, as he admitted – Gaspard Uliel reached a remarkable maturity.

• “Just the end of the world”, 2016

In 2016, Xavier Dolan collected the cream of French cinema for the adaptation of Jean-Luc Lagarce’s play, Just the end of the world. Around Gaspard Ulliel, Natalie Bay, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, and Lea Seydoux all gathered. Gaspard embodies Ulil Lewis, a successful and gay writer who finds his family after 12 years of absence to announce to them his “imminent and incurable death”.

His film Saint Laurent’s shadow fueled the formation of this serious and disturbing new role, this time directed by Xavier Dolan in 2016. The young Canadian director portrays this prodigal son as another egotism, a stranger in between, blinded by family hysteria. He would win his second Caesar, this time for Best Actor.

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