Top 10 best selling books of 2021

Top 10 best selling books of 2021

Livres Hebdo will publish the pending ranking of the best annual sales in the 17th edition of LH le magazineWednesday, January 25. In addition to the general GfK/Hebdo Top 50, we will publish the Top 100 Non-Fiction, Top 100 Non-Fiction, Top 50 Comics and Manga, Top 50 Practical Books, Top 50 Great Books, Top 50 Best Pocket Books and Novels for Teens, Top 25 Youth Novels, and the Top 25 Youngsters album.

After a year in 2020 where three months of confinement disrupted library activity, fiscal year 2021 saw an extraordinary recovery. even without Asterix, the top 50 and top 50 BD/manga both rose sharply compared to last year (respectively +5.7% and +58.5%).

Once again, the book market has become very dynamic this year, but while the variety is very well represented by the best sellers, the performance of the Top 50 can seem mixed. In fact, the 50 bestsellers in 2021 produced 12.8 million copies, that is + 20% compared to last year, and 150 million euros in sales, down -3%. This trend is explained by the massive reach of manga titles into the top 50, which has a downward impact on the resulting income“Details GfK and Livres Hebdo”.

The influence of manga and a return to pocket format dominance this year (with 29 titles out of 50) are the two main trends this year, after 2020 driven by the “big format”. Globalement, les fortes croissances en 2021 dans certain segments (BD/Mangas, Non-fiction, Pratique…) compensent d’ailleurs la baisse de la fiction grand format (23 best-sellers au dessus de 100 000 exemplaires au lieu de 27 last year).

Goncourt and Culture Card

The incredible dynamic of the comics is evident, with no less than 20 titles selling this year, compared to just 6 in 2020 and 3 in 2019! comments Casseline Rosello, GfK Market Intelligence Books consultant. If other main characters from the Franco-Belgian comics are present in the top 50 besides Asterix, then the heroes from Japan come out big winners. From the iconic Naruto and One Piece to Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, or My Hero Academia episodes, the manga represents 12 bestselling books of 2021.. An unprecedented situation closely related to the introduction of Pass Culture at the national level last May.

Bestsellers of 2021
RG Title authors) editor distributor Ex number.
1 Asterix and Griffin
JY Ferry / Dr. Konrad
Albert Rene grudge book
2 anomaly
H. Le Tellier
Gallimard Sudis
3 life is a novel
Ji Musu
pocket book grudge book
4 The unknown from the sea
Ji Musu
Kalman Levi grudge book
5 Men’s most secret memory
Mr. Mbogar Sar
P. Ri / Jimsan forum
6 All sky blue
MD Costa
pocket book grudge book
7 France has not said its last word
E. zemmour
robimbri forum
8 And that’s just the last sweet moments
in Grimaldi
pocket book grudge book
9 Naruto. vol. One
M Kishimoto
cana MDS
10 the big family
C Kushner
threshold MDS

Asterix dominates sales to a large extent. A ritual performed with every two-year album release. Asterix and Griffin achieves the same result as the previous adventure, Daughter of Vercingetorix. It is also a leader in trading volume. In a year when literary awards were highly mandatory, two Goncourt were in the top five: Winner 2020, anomaly, which already ranked 3rd in 2020, is now ranked 2nd, and the winner in 2021, A man’s most secret memoriesis the fifth. Between these two novels we find the last two books of Guillaume Musso, which thus guarantees a leading position among the most read books in France, in its large format published this fall and the paper version of his novel published in 2020..

Finally, note that novelists including Melissa da Costa and Virginie Grimaldi, whose titles each feature in this year’s top ten bestsellers list, are increasingly popular with 48 authors in the Top 100. Among them, the novels by Amelie Nothombe, Delphine de Vigan and Valerie Perrin, which are part of the ten books that brought in more than 4 million euros in sales.

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