Club: Neymar: I'm a strong man in my head

Club: Neymar: I’m a strong man in my head

Neymar hopes people will better understand his character and life thanks to the Netflix documentary that focuses on him.

A few days before the release of the documentary (25 January) “Perfect Mess” On Netflix, Neymar is starting to get impatient. This three-part documentary chronicling the life of the Brazilian will give an overview of the life of the Parisian star. A life punctuated by happy and complex moments. This name was chosen because the player, who trusted ESPN, has ‘I’ve always had a lot of chaos’ bone “Things worked perfectly”.

Discover the real Neymar

Thanks to this documentary, Number 10 hopes to change the minds of those who criticize him without them knowing. “Those who don’t know me and only say bad things about me, I put them aside, but I hope they can still watch this documentary and I hope it can change the idea or image they have of me, Neymar told ESPN. “I hope they learn how to love me…at least a little!” And he added.

And he assures us in this documentary that we will discover the real Neymar. without filter. “Few people know the real me. Only my close friends, my family, some of my teammates, and now I feel like I can show more of my life, how to be day by day, at work, at home, how to be a father, son, brother, Brazilian explained. “That’s what we’ve been working on, we’re showing the truth, 100% and that’s the most important thing,” wanted to clarify.

He is often noted, especially in Brazil, for his injuries and tendency to roll on the floor as well as his extra athletic life punctuated by partying; Neymar said earlier in the season that he was not given due respect by the media and fans in his country as he became the all-time leading goalscorer. Oriverdi in the World Cup qualifiers. Fortunately, his mental strength allows him to pass.

some mental strength

At 29, the Parisian feels stronger than ever. « Je suis un homme fort, pas seulement physiquement mais aussi dans ma tête parce que je dois faire face à beaucoup de pression, à cause de qui je suis, à cause de l’endroit où je joue, parce que beaucoup de suis Other things “, The first to tell the Brazilian to ESPN. “I have a strong mind now and I had to work hard to get here. I think that is really good for me, not only can I play football, but I also focused on my mental health”, he added.

Finally, Neymar wanted to remember the difficulty of being Neymar. “Your head must be straight so that you do not fall or collapse,” He said, before recalling the importance of his entourage. “Family and friends are important, as are my teammates. They are always behind me, so when I have a sad day they can help me with a word or a hug to make me feel better”.

It is precisely this mental strength that Neymar will need in the coming weeks to return to the competition, at the beginning of February; After being sidelined for two months by an injury, he was able to regain some fitness ahead of the Champions League knockout stages against Real Madrid on February 15. The goal of the Parisian player is to avoid the chaos of the match, for a perfect performance.

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