Nichée au creux d

Despite the difficulties of the EDF, Normans continue to bet on EPR at Penly

Above all, wait despite the high winds. The storm that the French electrician is going through will not get any better than the high-mass pro-EPR scheduled for Friday (January 21) in the town of Petit-Co., the birthplace of the Benlay nuclear power plant. The same reactor in which the first pair of the six new reactors ordered by Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO of EDF could be built. Planned for several weeks wow Despite announcing, meanwhile, another delay to the Flamanville shooting and a safety system corrosion problem at one of Penly’s reactors, not to mention the financial hit to EDF to contain the electricity bill.

Nuclear: Norman Elected Officials in the Battle to Absorb EPRs

‘Impractical without communities’

The meeting list has one topic titled as follows: EPR 2, making it an opportunity for our companies To speak of it, an ecumenical assembly. Present will be the chiefs of the center and LREM of the district and administration, the mayor of the unregistered city, the right and left chiefs of the four Intercos surrounding the plant and two vice-presidents: one listed in En Marche, the other in the LFI. All are harmonious. Because there is none here No doubt to show the slightest difference of opinion. Except for the greens to whom it is necessary to put ‘ stop the catastrophe ‘, the elected officials of the Territory know how to block when it comes to EPR. A position held without his shoes by the President of the Territory, Herve Moran.

« Jean-Bernard Levy often told me, : Consensus is the key, look. In such a gigantic project there are implications in terms of housing, infrastructure or training that it would be impossible without the local authorities on which almost all of these questions depend.R “.

dispense with nuclear weapons, no thank you

So, if some have doubts, they don’t show it. Flamanville failure? The fault in the decline of industrialization in previous decades for Sebastien Gomel, the communist deputy of Dieppe, was ranked, for a few days, behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon. ” We have relinquished our economic sovereignty to the extent that it was expected. Now we have to rebuild it. This is why we want to make Penly the perfect shipyard And what does it matter if his new settlement, La France Insoumise, wants to liberate the country from corn, the MP assumes his disagreement. He remains in favor. To a safe nuclear audience “indicates there is” Received assurances from EDF executives ».

Same tone in local economic circles where they refuse to dwell on the energy company’s setbacks. ” Anyway, I don’t see how we will succeed in dispensing with nuclear power ‘, slide Patrice Gault, President of Influential Group of Companies (over 160) Dieppe Mecha Energies. So there is no need to worry with this entrepreneur leading the ‘Economic Development’ committee within the Strategic Steering Committee set up by the Governor to prepare for the arrival of EPR. He prefers to wet the shirt to encourage Small and medium enterprises to enter the fray.” If we want to get contracts, we must prepare for them with a tactic that includes monitoring bid requests and, if necessary, forming groups t-il . solution. will participate Of course At a Friday meeting in Betty Cox with other colleagues. It’s hard, with an unemployment rate relative to the penalty, to be selective in front of a construction site promising a customer 10,000 jobs.

Wave pool

If the EDF’s nuclear division is well received in this part of the Normandy coast, it faces a bit more opposition in the west. Under investigation is the scheme to construct a new waste storage basin within the walls of the Orano factory in The Hague, a stone’s throw from the Flamanville power plant. The subject of public consultation since November, the project was initially conceived at the power plant in Belleville-sur-Loire (Cher) before it was overtaken by angry protests. He was relayed to the English Channel as he loomed large. Traditionally more preferring corn than the average French, the residents of the Cotentin tip are tougher than they were in the past despite the promise of an investment of 1.5 billion euros.

It is evident from the formation of the collective “Pool Stop” that in its first two meetings brought together nearly 200 people: a mobilization like the one we haven’t seen in a long time. ” Enough is enough ». « We are tired of the quiet speeches given by the EDF who consider us fools We heard in the room. Even the pro-nuclear president of the Département de la Manche was moved to be ” Facing reality In a letter to Chantal Guano, president of the National Committee for Public Debate, it was widely circulated. Sign, if necessary, that the fortunes and misfortunes of an electrician are likely to revive the dispute.